The World That Has Gone Crazy

I am sure that most all of you readers are on social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or whatever. I enjoy it, for the most part, although I really do not enjoy the spam of sexually explicit posts, but I suppose that one has to take the bad with the good. I have turned in a couple of posters this week for sending sexually explicit posts to groups that I belong to, which you may find odd, but I figure if I don’t want a child to be exposed to that sort of thing, and I try to keep my pages clean enough for our two grandchildren to read, then there should not be that type of thing out in the social media. But the social media is getting so very strange these days, driven into a frenzy that is getting more and more irrational with each passing day. Long gone are the days where it was fun.

What Entitlements You Are Entitled To in The World!

The most disappointing thing I read on the social media sites these days is about who is racist, who is creating micro aggressions, and who is entitled to what. Well people, above is a list of things that you are entitled to in this world, regardless of who you are or where you live, regardless of your race or ethnicity, regardless of sex. Yes, the whole list all on one page of paper! If you are not willing to work for the things in your life, then you should not be entitled to anything, nothing, zip, ZERO! You have no idea how much the taxpayers give to other people so that they can feel as though they are a part of the world. Not only does the taxpayers give out food, housing and money, but also things like cell phones! Cell phones? Yes, cell phones! Why? I can see setting up recipients on welfare with a telephone, but a cell phone? There are many other things that we give as well, but as I type, it angers me so very much! One thing that the our Human Services ought to give out is Birth Control, for I have read, seen YouTube videos and websites that tell of people who just keep having kids so they don’t have to get off Social Services. I can only shake my head in disbelief….

My Tax Dependents
My Tax Dependents

I am still trying to figure out why our government has decided that Illegal Aliens should have benefits? As I understand it, they even are eligible for Social Security. Am I the only one that does not understand this rational? Surely not. If they are not citizens of the USA, and not trying to become citizens of the USA, then why are they being treated like they are citizens of the USA? I don’t know if the above statement is correct, 12 million Illegal Aliens, all getting benefits, of what, maybe $5000 a year? Which I suppose is high, for that comes out to be $60 Billion dollars a year! That is just for the illegal aliens! If the 42 million Unemployable number is correct, well that is another $2.1 trillion paid out in taxpayers money! That is simply absurd! What happened to giving the people seeds and telling them that they need to learn to grow their food in a garden? Learn to can food? Learn to work? I know if I didn’t have a job, I would definitely be able to go out and find some kind of employment. But yes, then you will say, ‘But they have children”. Well, some of those people can work watching other people’s children now can’t they? That would be a job, a helpful job, one which they can also be fired from if they prove to be unworthy to babysit single mothers and fathers who are out working. I can only shake my head at where this old world is heading.


If a lot of these people were working, doing gainful employment, then they would probably be too tired to actually be angry and complaining about their entitlements that they were not getting. I think that a lot of the people who are so angry out there, complaining about other people having things that the complainers don’t have, are just able to sit around and think too long about those things. I know that the last sentence does not make a whole lot of sense, but I tried to write it a few times differently, but it just needs to be put the way it reads. Hate has always caused so many problems. It has caused me problems as well, not only in my childhood, but as I grew older in life as well. But as I have aged I have been a bit more able to forgive and forget than I was able to do so when I was younger. It really is a good feeling too, for I have become a whole lot more understanding and able to get along with so many other people these days than I did when I was younger. However, I still don’t like people, but that is myself, and my hermit ways, and perhaps someday I will get into my box out by the lake shore and live out my final years of life.

Tough Week

Well, enough of my rant for this day. Perhaps I will get to writing on this blog more, perhaps not. The important thing is that I do enjoy writing on it, and maybe I will keep it up, with more positive things to write about in the future.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Remember that Friday is Friday the 13th, and also the Full Moon, so I suppose the sirens will be sounding all night long!


I Know I Am A Slacker…

As the title refers, for me, yes, I am a slacker. I try to keep up with things, but unfortunately, I seem to fall behind a lot of the time, but my intentions are always good. If I could just not have so many irons in the fire, then it would be a really good thing, but I seriously doubt that it will happen anytime soon.

Excessive Sitting Causes Obesity

There are a multitude of things that I should be doing, but like most people, I sit in a chair and really enjoy reading articles on the Internet, on Facebook, Twitter, and doing other searches. Always retaining more and more things that interest me, but, as the cartoon I saved today clearly states, the Grim Reaper carries a chair these days, not the Scythe that we all were born to think about. So, I suppose that he is harvesting souls to sit, and no longer ‘cutting’ them away from our bodies. I have visions of endless rows of chairs, all next to one another, with seats behind those rows, with people much like me, heavy laden with skin full of fat, just sitting there, unable to do much more than sit. Quite sad really, so I really need to see about doing something to keep that from happening.

My Surley Fat Bike
My Surley Fat Bike

I have bikes, and trikes, and it is now becoming warmer with the onslaught of Spring, and that makes it time for me to get out there on the human powered vehicles and dodge the cars, enjoy the fresh air, and also try to get myself out of the ‘sitting’ stage I have been in, and become a part of society once again. Michelle and I have been riding our trikes a little lately, and while she is still quite new to the whole triking thing, I have been riding with her. A couple of days ago we went around the Marland Mansion walkways here in Ponca City, and she was facing a long slow hill, so I grabbed her trike and helped her up the hill. She was deeply surprised that I had so much power in my legs, but was grateful for me helping her get up the hill! The funny part about it was there was a police officer at the top of the hill, smiling at us as we rode up, and Michelle thought we were going to be cited, but he was just enjoying watching how we both managed to get up the incline. It was a very nice ride and great day!

Bicycles Bought For Work
Bicycles Bought For Work

Most of the guys down where I work in the refinery are in the same shape as myself, sitting and getting flabby, so they were wanting something to use for transportation, and I thought about how they all treat the vehicles they use. They are as bad as young children and don’t take care of anything. They had John Deere Gators, but just pretty much drove them into the ground. Of course, the work we perform is tough and rough on vehicles, but with the cutbacks the place of employment is going through, buying $8000 Gators is out of the question. So I ordered some bicycles for the guys. They are cheap, but look like they may hold up for a while. The yellow bicycle in the background costs about $900, while the Mongooses cost about $200, and while the Mongooses are heavy for bicycles, hopefully they will be a bit more durable. I am hoping that they are, for we have tried many other bicycles at work, and they all seem to fall apart in just a month or two, so with any luck, the new bicycles will survive the attacks from the operators and last for a bit before they fall apart and are toted off to the steel recycling bin.

2010 Conquest Travel Trailer
2010 Conquest Travel Trailer

On a good note, my wife Michelle, and myself, bought a new (to us) travel trailer. We had a motorhome several years ago, but sold it due to other things happening in our lives, so now we have a bumper pull trailer and hope to be able to go out camping a lot in the coming years. It has a slide out so it is like having a small apartment on wheels, and hopefully we will use it a lot. I wanted a bumper pull so I could put the two trikes and a couple of bicycles in the back bed of the pickup, that way we could ride around the campgrounds and get out of the ‘sitting’ mode my wife and I both have egressed into in our lives. I will have to say though, getting the title straightened out was quite the experience, for the lady could not find the Make, Model or Manufacturer of the trailer, so I just told her to notarize me a sheet of paper saying that she could not get the title for the trailer and I would use that instead of trying to get the tag. I don’t know if it would have worked, but I figure I gave it a good ole college try, and was getting quite frustrated with her not being able to find the information, when she had the VIN number, the previous title for the trailer, and was just making things a whole lot tougher than they needed to be. Her manager came out, with her in tears, and he managed to figure it out, so I got the title, the tag and everything is good to go now. It is amazing how hard a tag agency can make things though, and sometimes I wonder if they ever try, but that is just my view.

Pandora Enjoying The Truck Ride

Of course, we will take our two girls with us. Pandora really loves to ride in the car, and while Lillith has a bit of trouble with the ‘Bouncy Box’ (what our truck is referred to with Lillith), but she is always glad to be to our destination.

Lillith In The Clover

We did have a storm pass through this week, leaving a trail of hail in it’s path. Most was just pea-sized, a little was marble size, and few pieces were about the size of quarters. I was thankful though that the storm didn’t leave marks on the vehicles, so our town lucked out on that part. I just have too much stuff (mostly bicycles) in the garage to put cars in there, so the vehicles will just have to ride out the storms. I could possibly make room, but it would take a lot of effort, and then I wouldn’t have a place for all my stuff, so the cars have to learn to try to make it through the storms. Garages need to be about 15-20 feet longer these days, so we can put our stuff out there and still have room for the cars. Hopefully, in another life, I will be wiser when buying a house and have a garage that I can use that way.

Hail On Our Parcel Of Land

Well, enough of a good thing, so I better see about getting off my keister and going out for a ride and seeing about putting the hitch on the truck. Hope everyone has a great day, and may the weather be fair with a tailwind!


A Little Bit Of Something Different

A Trailer Here In Ponca City

My wife and I have been looking for an RV, actually a bumper pull trailer. However, we have found that all of the dealers in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa are pretty much scam artists. A lot of ‘bait and switch’ tactics going on there, or that is how we feel about what has been happening. Seems to us that the salesmen don’t listen to what we are looking for and then try to sell us something that we are not looking for, and I have to wonder how many other people go through the same thing.

First off, we see a trailer that we are interested in on the Internet, then call, the salesman tells us that it is available, so we drive to the city, and when we get there the salesmen want to show us new trailers, for about $6000 more than we are willing to fork out. When we question them about the one we originally drove to their place to see, then they tell us that the units in question has been sold. It is really a bad experience for us, and very frustrating, needless to say.

Yesterday was no different, for we had called about a unit we were interested in seeing and probably would have bought, drove to Tulsa, the guy showed us a new unit that was actually built quite cheaply, and was also about $4000 more than the unit we drove down to see, so I asked about the one we drove down to see, and he said “Well, I am looking for that one.”He then showed us another one that was about $8000 more than we wanted to spend, it was okay, but not great, and as I asked about the one we drove there to see, he then dropped the price $2000, telling me that there just isn’t any real profit to be made in RV’s.

Lunch Time!
Lunch Time!

Michelle and I were hungry, so we left and got something to eat, then went back to the dealership and asked about the one we had driven to Tulsa to see. The salesman went in, then came out and told us that it had been sold. So I told him that I wasn’t interested in the one that he he tried to sell to me last, and surprisingly enough he had dropped the price down another $3000. I could only shake my head. The guy asked me about the way I was going to pay, and I told him hat it was a cash sale, but he tried to get me to take out a loan, and got upset when I told him that the only rate I would give was if the loan was at 1%. After all, the banks only offer 1/4% on money I have in the account, and I will be damned if I should pay more than 3/4% to use their money! Then as the conversation continued with me getting frustrated and angry, telling him that I thought we would just drive back home to think about the $12000 trailer available here in Ponca City, he asked me if I would give $12000 for the one that he had showed to us for $23000! I was angry, probably wouldn’t have bought it, but told him ‘Yes’. He went in, then came back and wanted to show us a unit that was for sale at $13999. I only laughed and left.

Our two little girls
Our two little girls

Quite the experience with the salesmen at these places, and so very frustrating. Needless to say, Michelle and I returned back to Ponca City, took the long way home down US64, and enjoyed the scenery. Pandora, our little Yorkie mix, she loved the long trip and had her head out the window for a long, long time, with me driving at 40 MPH to let her enjoy the time on the road. Our little Havanese, Lillith, she didn’t fair too well on the road, and we need to find her some doggy Dramamine, for she got sick a couple of times. Bless her little heart. Both of our pets love to go with us, so I do hope that they get over their car sickness. Little Lillith just can’t quite fathom the ‘bouncy box’, but we will keep taking her and get something to help her out, for both the pets are wonderful to have out on the road with us when we take trips.

Our Red 2012 Dodge Ram Sport Pickup

Well, that was our day, hope everyone is enjoying the first vestiges of Spring, and hope you have a great Ostara and Easter!


The McCord Christmas Pageant – December 15, 2015

This is some videos I shot from the Pre-K and Kindergarten Christmas Pageant at McCord School on December 15th 2015. Some people asked if I had more than just one, so I just thought I would post it to share for anyone who would like to see it. This first video is of the Younger members of the chorus, and they were quite the hoot. I hope you enjoy.

The First Three Songs for the Night by the Pre-Kindergartner’s

Here Come the Kindergartner’s

Second Song from the Kindergartner’s

Third Song By the Kindergartner’s

The Final Song by the Kindergartner’s

And This Is The Finale From the Whole Group!

Feel free to bookmark the sight, share the videos, they are all on YouTube in Public Domain, and you should be able to access them from there if you wish!

Merry Christmas from my wife and myself, and may God Bless!




I Can’t Keep Up For Nothing

“Life is like a box of chocolates… you never know what you are going to get!” Forest Gump (Tom Hanks)

And that is a very true statement. I have tried to keep up with the Blog, but unfortunately, I do not do a very good job. I try, but it just doesn’t happen. But I am here today, been through a lot of trials and tribulations, and survived, so that is always a good thing (I suppose). Maybe things will get better, maybe I will get back with the program, maybe the moon will turn blue… all are possibilities, but who knows.


It is the season to be Happy! (or Jolly, your choice) But it also seems that this old world is going through a whole lot of growing pains too, and unfortunately, people just don’t seem to be very happy. Have you noticed that? Or is it just my view on life? Mass killings, robberies, vandalism, just about everything. And we have moved towards trying to be more politically correct than anyone could ever be. Sheesh… I grow weary of all the turmoil I read and hear about these days.

I will have to say though, I have read a few posts on FaceBook about people thanking others for ‘Paying It Forward‘, so not everyone is being rude or angry, but those posts are few and far between. I don’t need anyone to pay it forward for me, although it is a very good and decent thing for others to do, but I do okay in this life, and try to help others. However, I prefer to live in the shadows, not let people know it was me who did something for another, and just make it so that the other peoples life is a bit easier for that day. I think a lot of people probably do that, but it isn’t mentioned. What we read in the news is all sensationalism, it gets the media ‘browny points’, so they like to be sure that the people will return to the media source to see and hear about all the bad things that happen. What ever happened to the ‘Society Page‘ where you could hear about the good things happening in town or area? It seems to be long gone. Perhaps to make room for more stories that contain sensationalism… Who knows?


Around here we have these strange looking things called ‘Traffic Signals’, which about a year or maybe more the city put in ‘flashing’ yellow arrows so that you could turn if the ‘coast is clear’ of oncoming vehicles. Nice concept, and it is nice, worthy of being in place, although it is unfortunate that people do not quite understand the concept. In the city here, we have had quite a few accidents (crashes) due to people not quite understanding that they need to be certain that the ‘coast is clear’ before trying to make a left turn. And it also makes people think that once the main thoroughfare lights turn red, then they can see if they can make it across the road before the waiting cars take off from heir starting lines…. needless to say, it is problematic. People are just in such a hurry, have no concept of their own safety, or… wait for it… they just don’t care. Some things I will just never understand about people.

Well, enough for now. I may be able to keep going on the blog, I will just have to see. I have too many of these blogs, that is clear, and need to see about working on another one or two. That is another problem in this world… excess…. and yes, I am guilty as charged.

Take care and have some Happy Holidays!


You Have To Wonder

Good morning, hope everyone is enjoying their week.

It seems to me that there are a lot of upsetting things going on around the country these days, with tensions becoming quite elevated and people just getting all worked up into a frenzy. I am not sure that the people really have a reason for all this anger and madness, but it is causing quite a bit more tension within the rest of the population. Or that is what it seems to me.

My own heart cries out for everyone. I too have been quite angry, but have calmed down since yesterday. I have my own reasons, but yes, I was so angry yesterday that I did something I would not have thought I would do to people, but it wasn’t violent, it didn’t harm anyone, and I was able to release all the tensions that were built up inside of myself. It was satisfying, and I feel good today, even about what I did, and you know, that is why I am writing about it today.

Shark Stump


When you are surrounded by those who cause you grief, you feel trapped and feel like there is no way out. You are surrounded, feeling like you are sinking fast and will be eaten alive by those people, those vengeful people, who do not understand, who do not care, who seem to forget that you too have feelings and that they are smothering you and it seems like they are about to kill you. I am not talking about home life, although I am certain that some people are crushed or smothered by that as well, but what I am talking about is at the work place.

I need to lose weight, a lot of weight in my eyes, for the excess weight I carry is burdensome to me. It causes me enough grief that I don’t need anyone to remind me how big, heavy, fat, obese, or ‘put your own word here’…. but regardless, I need to see about getting onto a program and lose the excess weight I have on my body. There is actually a reason I am this heavy, self induced. Yes, it is self induced. Not an issue from society, I am not blaming all the easy to get to fast food places. I am not blaming my own genes. I am not blaming my parents. I am not blaming my wife. It is totally self induced.

I went through the course of my obesity, reviewing a lot of items over the past few days, where I had tried to read self-help books, other peoples books, I have read plans in order to lose the excess weight, I have read about all the pills out there on the market, most which do not work… or all which do not work.. that one is your call, for it seems some people do have luck with the pills. But back to what I read, in the medical journals and postings, which like all Internet items, you sort of have to take them with a grain of salt for they may or may not really be helpful are really written by the medical professions, but I think I read enough of them to figure out why I seem o struggle so hard with losing the excess weight.

There is more than one reason, and I will list them out:

  1. Stress – The number one cause for me and most others
  2. Laziness – The heavier you are the less likely you are to exercise
  3. Poor Eating Habits – Eating the wrong foods
  4. Dehydration – 98% of the people do not drink enough water

Now, with the above list, I know for a fact, after looking back, that my number one problem is stress.A Few Nice Words

I reviewed my life, going back to 2005, through journals I have written, yes, I keep journals of daily life, but back in 2005 I was happy and had lost quite a lot of weight, had concentrated on walking about 2 miles a day, lost about 50 pounds, and was actually feeling very good about myself. I was in a job that had stress, but controllable stress, and everything was looking good for me and like I said, I was happy.

Then, in 2007, just 8 years ago, I was offered a job at work, moving me from the blue collared represented work force to the white collar (sort of) supervisor force. I still work outside, in the heat and cold, but I have 11 people under me now, sometimes more, and of course, when you are ‘in charge’, that raises the stress level in the old body. I always handled stress before that year, and while I still do handle the stress, apparently it is a whole lot harder on me than I actually thought it was, but looking back I can see that it is very, very hard on me. I have had a couple of heart attacks, which may or may not have happened anyway, but regardless, I have had heart issues. I have insomnia, my mind just won’t shut down any more. And the number one issue…… I EAT TO RELIEVE THE TENSION!

I looked at it, and found that I eat a lot more at work than I do at home, including all the wrong foods, a lot of sugar, which I am not sure what sugar does to relieve tension and stress, but it does soothe me, and I eat a lot of the time do to stress. This is something I need to change, and change immediately. Yes, I need to also drink a lot more water, and also quit being so damn lazy, but mostly I need to get a grasp on the stress and quit eating my tensions away. I am handling… or not handling… the stress in the wrong way, so I need to figure out how to change that, how to get things under control, how to get my life back together and be who I am and not someone who is troubled by the things in my life.

So that brings me back to what I was saying at the first of the post. Why I was so angry and why I get angry…..

Well, over the past two days I realized, while working with some of the people at work, just how caustic and how the people who I work with love to point fingers in blame. While the things that happened were addressed and the verdict showed that I was NOT to blame, which I knew that was the case, but still, when someone points and screams, it is very stressful and the tensions inside of you build up rapidly. I have been working on diplomacy over the past year, and yes, I almost bit my tongue off a couple of times, but held my voice. These are people who claim to be GOD FEARING, church going people. Yet, they do not follow that which they CLAIM to believe in, apparently.

So, I killed them, killed them all……

I deleted all of them from my Facebook pages, even going through the activity log and deleting all the posts and likes that I had responded to them, blocked them all from sending friend requests, deleted them all from Twitter and from my phone. I killed them all… I do not want to be surrounded by A**HOLES and therefore I do not need them in my life. No, I am not angry anymore, actually my heart cries out for them to understand that they really are not who they claim to be, that all they need to do is be kind with their words, not blame and not create stress for others.

We all need to do the same……..

Heres To All The People

Well, Things Need To Slow Down

It has been quite the hectic week this week, and in some ways I wish that the world would slow down, but it doesn’t seem to be doing that, so I will just handle whatever comes my way. I haven’t been writing here on the site for I am not certain anyone really reads my posts anyway. I know a few do, but there are no subscriptions, only a few comments (not counting the endless spam that comes through), so I sort of have been taking care of another site that I take care of, which is not something that any of you would enjoy reading.

Stop Overthinking

But that too is just fine, for that site has quite a lot of followers, and I had to see about putting together the newsletter to send out, so that takes up a lot of time as well. But I enjoy having the sites I have, and while there are different venues on both sites, I try to keep things separate.

It has been rainy here in the Northern part of Oklahoma for the past few days, so that makes it rather nice as well. We are about a third of the way through July, and the days, while some have been quite hot, but overall the days have been rather nice. The grass and trees are all growing like mad, and someday maybe the guy who takes care of mowing my yard will show up and cut the grass. He has been on vacation though, so that is not a problem. And no, I am not complaining, for while the grass is greener, still growing, it still isn’t all that high just yet. Of course, if it gets much higher then I might have to borrow a goat from one of my acquaintances, but hey, I think they loan those things out from time to time just to fatten them up a bit.

I have been finding some bliss in watching the “NCIS” series from the start once again… yes, again… and that is aways a pleasant thing to have in the background. I like Abby on the show, and then all the trouble that DeNosa seems to cause, so it makes it sort of fun to watch. I can see myself in the shoes of Gibbs though when I am around people sometimes, and have to bit my tongue so I don’t lose my mind. But movies and television has always been one of those things that I have enjoyed a lot, so they play around me most of the time.


I do need to write about three letters to some of the people who have written to me, so I will see about taking care of those items one of these days ‘VERY’ soon! Of course, they don’t visit this site either, so they will no doubt not see them coming, but I will see about getting the mail out and take care of the things that I am committed to completing. But there are a lot of things I need to see about taking care of, like more photos to use here on my website, and then I would have a much better choice of items in which to share.

Well, enough for right now, duty calls, stories need edited, and I need to take care of some chores!


The Year Is Passing



We are now a week into the actual Summer, with Summer starting at the Solstice on June 21, and the season is beginning to get hotter. Here in Oklahoma (and Texas) we have had our fair share of flooding, but that has ended the concerns over the water tables in the aquifer becoming depleted, so that means we are back into having water. Unlike the poor folks in California, and also Las Vegas, who are having a terrible time with having enough water. If you haven’t read, Lake Mead has reached it’s lowest level since Hoover Dam was built, and it looks like there will be water rationing in that part of the US of A as well. I wish we could do something for them, divert all the water that is going down our rivers, perhaps funnel some lake water their way, but alas, due to the way the country is laid out, they would never see it, so we just have to let the water around here head off to the mighty Mississippi River. But 10 years ago, Lake Mead had a level of 1140 feet of water, now it is currently just below the 1075 foot level. It will no doubt take a while for the level to gain 65 feet. If I remember, the local lake, Kaw Lake, has a depth of 80 feet in it’s deepest point, so that means it would be totally empty!


Water is such an important resource for living, and without it, we would not exist. Many wars throughout the ages were actually fought over water, both for drinking (and living) and also for access to the seas for commerce. I was taught, you can live “3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, and three weeks without food.” If you have no water, then you will have no food, that is how it works. Not only would gardens dry up and fail, but it takes a lot of water to produce just one pound of beef. The Internet claims it takes 16 gallons of water for each pound of beef. However, I do not know if that is just the water the livestock drink, or if it also includes the water used to clean the meat and equipment, but still, a cow is a big animal, and I can see where they would definitely drink a whole lot more water than a human being would.

The media, newspapers, magazines, even Internet sources, show Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, all those Middle Eastern countries as being all rocks and desert. I have to wonder (since I have never been there) if it really is just variable land, without trees and grass like we have over most of the US of A? I know there was a person who worked where I work who left the company they worked for, went to Kuwait and Iraq, so he could run a desalination plant. I wonder if it would be possible for the West Coast to put in something like that? I mean, I have not researched it out, but I would think if the need was there, then perhaps the technology would soar and make desalination of sea water even easier and cheaper. Might be one of those things to look into, one never knows, and might be something to think about investing my retirement money into for the future.


But face it, science has became better and better over the ages. At one time, there were four (and yes, the aether is missing), and now there are 118 listed in today’s Periodical Table. Surely, with that much more knowledge, it would be simpler to desalinate water than it was in the 1500’s, where they would just boil the water and catch the water vapor, condense it out, and then the solids (salt) would stay in the pan. Of course, I am no scientist, and know that if a true scientist gets involved, due to patent restrictions, liabilities, fear of having the discovery stolen, then the whole thing will become so convoluted, no one would be able to make heads or tails out of it, and it would cost Billions upon Billions of dollars. Ah, the wonders of Capitalism…..


But then too, come September, September 24th according to the Conspiracy Theories, a huge asteroid is ‘supposed’ to crash into the Atlantic Ocean, creating tsunamis 200 feet tall, wiping out the East Coast of the US of A, so there may not be much more to worry about. All of the Californians can move back east, restart that area, have plenty of water, and everything will be just Hunky-Dory.

Of course, there are a number of things the conspiracy theory guys say, like:

  • September 15 – Recognition of Palestine by the UN
  • September 15 – Operation Jade Helm ends (US Military Training Along Borders)
  • September 22 – World Economic Collapse (through September 28)
  • September 23 – Isaac Newton’s Prophecy (whatever that may be)
  • September 23 – Day of Atonement
  • September 24 – Astroid to Hit Atlantic Ocean
  • September 25 – A 2 1/2 Mile Wide Comet to Pass Near the Earth
  • September 25 – Agenda 21 on Steroids (Illuminati thing)
  • September 28 – Last of the Four Blood Moons

So, you see, September will be a very busy month!

Personally, I don’t hold much hope for the Conspiracy Theorists, but I do enjoy hearing and reading about their concerns, and doom saying, although I have yet to pack my ‘to-go’ pack so I can leave the area and hide out in the woods with all the survivalists, I still sort of watch the signs of the times just to be sure. But every year it seems that someone, somewhere is saying that we are ‘DOOMED’ and that the whole world will end, so take all of it, as I do, with a grain of salt.


Like I said, I seriously doubt that any of the above dates have any scientific backing. Sort of like all of the earthquakes we have had here in Oklahoma. I have read so many things, from oil well fracking, salt water injection wells, tectonic plate shifting, magnetic pole swapping, the magma beneath Yellowstone to the aquifer below this area being sucked dry. What do I believe? I think we have just gotten so technologically advanced that we put enough seismographs around the state and country, that now we get to see all of the earthquakes that we had all along and never felt. I know we have had a few that were felt ever since I was a kid, and will have to say that perhaps with people being more aware, they are more sensitized to the earthquakes now, and instead of just thinking it was a truck passing down the road, they are now being able to see on the Internet that it was an earthquake. But as I said, that is only my view, nothing more, take it and $1.59 to McDonalds and you can get yourself a cup of coffee.


You can see how worried I am about all of the happenings these days… so I hope everyone has a great week, today is MONDAY after all, and hope all things go your way!


Such A Troubling Time…..


I realize what I am going to say is controversial, so read on if you dare. No hate here, but I am certain it has the ability to bring out the hate in others.

You know, I haven’t written anything for a week, which is bad, for there is so much going on in this old world, yet, I believe we only see a very small part. We get all focused on matters that we seem to disagree upon, take stands on things that we believe just are not right, and fight a fight that comes to conclude no winner. This old world is full of ‘Haters’, ‘Sexists’, ‘Racists’, ‘Blasphemites’, ‘Homophobes’ and many other people who can be classified as a part of someone’s rear end, but I will not write the word, for this is a non-profanity area…… But there is so much going on in the world everyday, it is unfortunate that the media seems to want to focus on things that are ‘sensational’ or ‘disparaging’ in order to bring more and more disgruntlement into an already angry world. The media has lost all focus on Life Stories which can be good for the heart and soul.

With the Supreme Court’s official ruling on Gay Marriages a couple of days ago, I have to say I have found out which of my acquaintances are ‘unbending’, ‘unaccepting’, ‘uncaring’ and for the most part, just generally trying to stand for something that they cannot accept. I find this so very sad, for they are all good people in my eyes, we are all “HUMAN“, and I know they mean no harm, but yet, they cite views that I feel shame about, for I know they mean well, but yet still, they wish to stand hard for something that doesn’t really affect them, but yet, it is something that they will have to see everyday, and they just cannot accept that it is happening. If you are certain about your sexuality, then it should not matter at all if someone is gay, transgendered or with someone who is of the same sex.


Understand, I am glad for the US Constitution Second Amendment, and yes, I possess guns. I think everyone should be able to possess guns, and I think that one day we may need guns in order to protect ourselves. It does not scare me when I see someone out and about in town with a weapon strapped on their hip, and it doesn’t matter to me or concern me whether a person has a concealed weapon permit and they have a gun hidden on themselves. I have been in situations where I have stared down the wrong end of the barrel of a gun, and I have pointed a gun at a person, and yes, all the above were for reasons that were for the correct reasons. Guns have there reasons and sometimes are needed to get the correct meaning across to people. But the second amendment isn’t the only amendment to the US Constitution, and I will bet that most people only know or can tell what the First and Second amendments are, and not the others. In fact, there are 27 amendments in the US Constitution, two which probably should not have needed to be there (the 18th and 21st), but most people just jump into the mob without any real knowledge of what they are fighting for or against.

Just like in life, we all have a reason and meaning to be here on this planet. Yes, we probably don’t know the reason, nor may we ever really know, but I am certain we have a reason for being here. With the right attitude, people help others, maybe indirectly, maybe not, maybe the people go out to find ways to help other people, maybe people don’t let other people know how they help out other people, for it really is not anyone’s business but the person helping out another person. You don’t have to be praised or thanked for helping out someone, although I do know a lot of people look for praise in order to raise their own opinion of themselves, which may be a good thing, depending on what they are trying to do. But we are all here, and there really is no reason not to be a part of humanity, and live in harmony with one another.

Our current President, Barrack Obama, he isn’t the tyrant or evil doer that a lot of people I know make him out to be, he is just trying to do a job that he was elected to perform. Sure, he probably has a hidden agenda, just as most all of us have, and I say that for it seems that we all have something that we wish to change, yet, we don’t wish to have that part published. President Obama, and Congress, pass items that a lot of people may or may not agree with, but I am certain that a lot of us have done things that others may or may not agree with as well. I know that I have, and still do, and probably always will, but that is between me, myself and I. Of course, things I do probably do not have anything to do with other people, but if you knew what they were, I am certain you would change the way you see me, treat me, or look at me. That is because most people are ‘Haters’, ‘Sexists’, ‘Racists’, ‘Blasphemites’, ‘Homophobes’, and many other labels we all like to place on other people.



A few words that have been around for a very long time, which most all people have heard, which drug addicts, alcoholics and those in reform live by every day. Words which many people read, take in the meaning, and also think they may be living by, but are they? They may think so, but I also see on the social media that they need to read and look over the words once again, and search themselves to see if they really are trying to follow those little words or not. And yes, your God can be any Higher Power, it does not have to be the Christian or Muslim God, it can be any God or Higher Power you wish to be a part of of in this world.


I take a stand for myself, stating simply that I am “HUMAN” and yes, I have faults, I have rights, I have issues, I have ulterior motives, but still, like all others who I associate with, I am “HUMAN“. I try very hard to accept other peoples views, when those views are their own and they are not just jumping on the ‘band wagon’, for all that leads to is a mob mentality, which leads to problems they are probably not really ready to deal with or go through. I try to practice patience and love to all people, and care about them, even the guy who flips me off with a finger when he thinks I am doing something wrongly against him or her, and you know, it doesn’t matter to me what religion they belong to, what classification they have been labeled, whether they help others or not, or if they are just in general a mean person. They too are HUMAN, and they too have a life which they have made for themselves, and I can accept them into this world.

We all have our views on what is right and wrong, but hey, you know what? If it doesn’t harm you or your family, then why would it matter? Why not just look past those things someone is harmlessly doing and get on with your life, try to make this old world a better place for all of us to live in, not care what clothes a person wears, or why they act the way they do, or why they do not conform to the way you, as a fellow HUMAN chooses to live your own life. It will actually all be just fine, it doesn’t matter what the color of another HUMAN‘s skin is, what clothes they choose to wear, what other HUMAN they choose to be with, or where they may be congregating. In fact, if we were all more accepting, then that would surely make all of us just that much more HUMAN!

So, on a closing word, from a fellow acquaintance……




I Like To Ride My Bike

What would a blog be without a silly video?

Now that we have that over with…. back to the matter at hand.

Yes, fellow readers, most of you know that I do ride my bike, and I enjoy being outdoors on it as well. It is nice to take the time to ride through he town and enjoy all the things that are going on while moving at a slower pace than in the car. While it is something that I really need to do more of, at least I do a little riding and each ride brings a lot of enjoyment out to my heart and soul. It is really amazing how much you hear, smell and see when moving along at a leisurely pace instead of racing through town in a vehicle (although I don’t go at breakneck speed) but it is just so much more enjoyable and it brings back a person closer to their childhood, or at least it does for me.

However, a person needs to think a bit before taking on a challenge of riding their bicycle. Be aware of the heat, for where I live in Oklahoma, the heat becomes a factor, and it can take it’s toll on the body. Sunscreen also is one of those things that a person has to think about, or you can end up with bad sunburn, for the intense energy of the sun bearing down on your exposed skin can make the time afterwards quite unenjoyable. Be sure to wear the appropriate safety gear as well, like maybe a helmet. I will not go into the needs of wearing helmet, and anyone who knows me knows that I generally do not wear my bicycling helmet. I have my reasons, but I also have several helmets, and if I am going to be riding out in traffic, I do put one on. On the Catrike I ride, my head is right at the same level as the bumper on a car or truck, and although I am very stubborn and hard-headed, my head is no opponent to the bumper of a car or truck. However, if I will be riding mostly on a street that has no traffic, so to speak, or sidewalks in town, I generally do not bother with a helmet, and yes, I know that I could still end up with a terrible concussion or worse, but it is still a choice one makes.

The Oklahoma Sun Can Be Vicious
The Oklahoma Sun Can Be Vicious

Yesterday, I went out for a short ride, thinking that I would see about building myself up, get the old legs tuned back up, and get back into the saddle of bicycle riding once again. I had a heart attack about four years ago, while riding my trike back and forth to work, in the August Summer heat that was in the three digits, and so I haven’t been riding near as much, in fact, pretty much haven’t been riding at all. I read a blog post from a bicycling enthusiast promoting getting back to riding, saying if you will just ride about 2 miles a day, then it becomes easier and easier, and you will soon be back to your old self, riding many miles, and enjoying the riding once again.

I pulled out my Hybrid Bicycle from the garage, and took off, going to a place that does manicures, which is about a mile, maybe just a little more from my house, and felt good riding along the sidewalk of the busiest street here in Ponca City. The ride felt good, to be back out in the open air, and while we have small hills here, none of the climbing was bad at all, I just downshifted (something I never used to do) and was at ease riding to the place. I had to wait for about 45 minutes before one of the manicurists were free, and felt good, reading my email on the smart phone, then sat and the manicurist had clipped my nails, and was beginning to work on my cuticles.

I began feeling funny, with a tingling in my scalp and began to sweat, and felt an issue coming on inside of myself that I have felt from time to time for years and years, coming on to myself, and really did just felt the need to lie down, but with me being hard headed, and having a person clipping my nails, I hoped that the episode that was overtaking me would just end. Well, it didn’t, and I blacked out (fainted) while in the chair. When the manicurist was able to get me to come back around, a concerned female patron also visiting the place had called 911 and the ambulance was on its way. I was sweating profusely,and was a bit ‘wasted’ and was a bit unresponsive for a while, but was feeling better. Like I said, I have had these episodes before, and knew I would be just fine.

Oldsmobile Ambulance

So when the medics showed up at the place, they kept asking me a lot of questions, and were going to take me to the hospital. The medics, they thought I was having a heart attack, but I knew that I wasn’t, for I have had heart attacks, and I knew that was not the case. I told them I really didn’t want to go to the hospital, and that if they would just let me be, let me rest for about an hour, I would be over the episode and could no doubt just ride my bike back home. But they wouldn’t have any part of that, and insisted that I needed to go to the hospital. They asked if I had ‘next of kin’, and I called my wife with my phone, and the medic took my phone away from me, and told my wife I was having a heart attack. Of course, I kept arguing, and the medics were not listening to me, and my wife was scared to death. Needless to say, they did take me to the hospital, and the nurses there were still trying to tell me that I was having a heart attack, with me telling them that I knew I wasn’t, but they all thought I was just confused.

At the hospital, they took blood and ran tests on me, then wanted to do a ‘Cat Scan’ (probably bringing in a yellow tiger striped one to sniff me out), and I refused, which made the doctor and nurses angry. Then, when the doctor and nurses did decide that I wasn’t having a heart attack, they still wanted me to stay overnight, which I once again refused. Ended up having to sign a whole bunch of paperwork stating that I refused numerous tests and medical help, but I finally got out of the place and was able to get back home where I now feel just fine. I will probably now have to fight with the insurance company, but hey, that is how all of this works out.

But the trip to the hospital did help my wife and me understand why I was having the episodes, and the doctor and nurses would also know what I experienced if they would have just listened to what symptoms they stated that they observed. Turns out, you have a ‘Vasal Nerve’ in your stomach area that can set off something which makes the veins dilate in your legs, making blood pool in your feet, and that lowers down your blood pressure and you don’t get enough blood to your brain, thus, you end up fainting. Well, I have splotches on my feet where blood has pooled for years, which the iron in your blood will make rust colored splotches on your feet. My cardiologist and the doctors at the hospital have stated this before, and I can see it too. But I have all the symptoms of “Vasovagal Syncope”, which makes me faint or black out. The doctor and nurses both spoke about that vassal nerve in the stomach, and reading about it, it is hard to diagnose, for I have some other issues so I didn’t bring up a couple more items that would have helped them diagnose the episode that I had experienced. I have had this issue for years, and really never knew what was causing it, but it is set off by dehydration, and yes, I know I have never drank enough water, but now, I am going to have to work hard at drinking plenty of water so I don’t go through these episodes again.


But anyway, a lot of the people I work with and know have prayed and were concerned about me, and while I am not used to being worried about, I do appreciate that they actually were concerned about me. My sisters were deeply concerned, and I am sorry they were worried, but trust me, I am okay, just didn’t think about being dehydrated, and didn’t ever know what set off my passing out. Believe me though, if you have the Vasovagal Syncope condition, when the episode begins, you have a couple of minutes before you really feel like you are going to not make it, and if you aren’t able to lie down to elevate your legs and get the blood out of your feet, then you will collapse onto the floor or in the aisle at the grocery store, and the medics will haul you out to the flashy red buggy and rush you to the hospital.

But that was my day yesterday, and while I started writing this blog yesterday, was going to put photos about the ride on the blog, well, as it seems, I just didn’t get to finish the ride yesterday, but will be out riding again, “WITH PLENTY OF WATER” on me and in me, and will have a good blog to write then!

Take care and have a great day everyone!