Writing Letters And Receiving Mail


One of the things I do in this world, and I enjoy, is writing letters and sending out mail. I put a lot of work in a lot of letters that I send out, trying to make them something that other people will like. I don’t know if they enjoy receiving them as much as I enjoy creating them, but I still like to send them out, and love it when I get a letter or postcard in return. I (and Pandora, the dog) enjoy seeing the mailman come to the door to deliver letters and mail, and it is always one of those things that I will no doubt enjoy for years to come.


I create my letters on a variety of materials, from regular paper, paper that I may have created and made myself, used items like a sack from the local store or fast food place, or I may create a booklet to send out to someone. Lately I have found the enjoyment in writing letters on sacks, tearing them open, painting and drawing on them, and making them become something much more than just an old sack that was written upon. I have even sent out letters written on paper plates, which is a trick in itself, but it was one of those challenges that I enjoyed creating. Who knows what they may get from me when I write them a letter, it is a mystery to myself as well when I create one to send out.


My wife tells me that some of the things I send out are ‘works of art’ and that I should keep them, but alas, I would rather share what I create and not try to save everything that I make. I found a joy in creating books and booklets a while back, lacing up the spine and creating things that I am proud of creating, and giving it someone else. I have been known to send out handmade ‘pop-up’ cards to people and businesses here in town, and have even found it fun that some of those places didn’t know who sent them for quite a while, and were shocked when they realized it was me. Of course, where I live is a small city, 20,000 people or so, and I have lived here all my life, am a bit odd, and people remember me quite easily. But overall, I am harmless, and people know that, so it makes it nice I can have some fun with people in the city here.


I haveĀ found so much joy in creating ‘pop-up’ cards, ones that you open up and the card becomes somewhat 3-D, and my wife really likes those, and enjoys seeing my creations. The above pop-up is a rendition of my desk where I write, although the desk I use is cluttered to the max most of the time, with a couple of computers on it (hey, I like watching Netflix) and generally has layers of things on the desk and computer keyboards, but that s pretty much the way I live. I definitely do not have OCD or a neatness habit, so I generally have to search for things when I wish to use them to create items.



Christmas cards are also fun to create, and I try to tell what the card is created out of, what media was used, and is signed. Not that it really matters, but it always gives me a sense of completion when I do sign and put my ‘chop’ marking on a card. No, I am not Asian, but I visited Malaysia years ago, and have to say that I really did enjoy the world there, and have adapted several items into my world that came from that area. I had the chop made which is a rendition of my nickname, “Gazmuth”, so it is unique. Gazmuth is the name I created out of thin air when I ran a BBS (Bulletin Board System) in the 1990’s, before the advent of the Internet. The Internet was around, but it was mostly used by the government and colleges back then, so there were BBS’s, which were dial in, with telephone cables and 2400 baud modems. I ran the “Virtual Realm” and my handle was Lord Gazmuth. The name has stuck with me ever since, and I have found that it is unique, for if you do a search on the internet, about all you will find are things that I have posted.


That is my own world with writing letters and receiving mail. It is something that is quickly becoming a lost art it seems, although there are still quite a few people out there that write letters and send them out, designing and creating todays works of art and wonderment. I have found that only a handful of men write though, and most of the women only want other women to write to them, but that is one of those choices they have the right to make. My wife Michelle enjoys reading the letters that I send out, not because she doesn’t trust me, but because I write what I call ‘designer letters’, and she enjoys seeing what I create. And of course, I always prompt her to see and read what others send to me, and she enjoys that part of our lives together as well. It is fun to share things with people, life experiences, items from a place they may not ever see, and just life in general. I know Ponca City is small, may not be very appealing to a visitor, but we have a lot of things that us ‘locals’ know about, can take photos of and share with others that would be fun for others to see and learn about. All of life is a learning experience, and we all need to keep that up until we pass off of this world.

Well, in the immortal words of “Forest Gump”, I guess “That is all I have to say about that!”