The McCord Christmas Pageant – December 15, 2015

This is some videos I shot from the Pre-K and Kindergarten Christmas Pageant at McCord School on December 15th 2015. Some people asked if I had more than just one, so I just thought I would post it to share for anyone who would like to see it. This first video is of the Younger members of the chorus, and they were quite the hoot. I hope you enjoy.

The First Three Songs for the Night by the Pre-Kindergartner’s

Here Come the Kindergartner’s

Second Song from the Kindergartner’s

Third Song By the Kindergartner’s

The Final Song by the Kindergartner’s

And This Is The Finale From the Whole Group!

Feel free to bookmark the sight, share the videos, they are all on YouTube in Public Domain, and you should be able to access them from there if you wish!

Merry Christmas from my wife and myself, and may God Bless!