I Can’t Keep Up For Nothing

“Life is like a box of chocolates… you never know what you are going to get!” Forest Gump (Tom Hanks)

And that is a very true statement. I have tried to keep up with the Blog, but unfortunately, I do not do a very good job. I try, but it just doesn’t happen. But I am here today, been through a lot of trials and tribulations, and survived, so that is always a good thing (I suppose). Maybe things will get better, maybe I will get back with the program, maybe the moon will turn blue… all are possibilities, but who knows.


It is the season to be Happy! (or Jolly, your choice) But it also seems that this old world is going through a whole lot of growing pains too, and unfortunately, people just don’t seem to be very happy. Have you noticed that? Or is it just my view on life? Mass killings, robberies, vandalism, just about everything. And we have moved towards trying to be more politically correct than anyone could ever be. Sheesh… I grow weary of all the turmoil I read and hear about these days.

I will have to say though, I have read a few posts on FaceBook about people thanking others for ‘Paying It Forward‘, so not everyone is being rude or angry, but those posts are few and far between. I don’t need anyone to pay it forward for me, although it is a very good and decent thing for others to do, but I do okay in this life, and try to help others. However, I prefer to live in the shadows, not let people know it was me who did something for another, and just make it so that the other peoples life is a bit easier for that day. I think a lot of people probably do that, but it isn’t mentioned. What we read in the news is all sensationalism, it gets the media ‘browny points’, so they like to be sure that the people will return to the media source to see and hear about all the bad things that happen. What ever happened to the ‘Society Page‘ where you could hear about the good things happening in town or area? It seems to be long gone. Perhaps to make room for more stories that contain sensationalism… Who knows?


Around here we have these strange looking things called ‘Traffic Signals’, which about a year or maybe more the city put in ‘flashing’ yellow arrows so that you could turn if the ‘coast is clear’ of oncoming vehicles. Nice concept, and it is nice, worthy of being in place, although it is unfortunate that people do not quite understand the concept. In the city here, we have had quite a few accidents (crashes) due to people not quite understanding that they need to be certain that the ‘coast is clear’ before trying to make a left turn. And it also makes people think that once the main thoroughfare lights turn red, then they can see if they can make it across the road before the waiting cars take off from heir starting lines…. needless to say, it is problematic. People are just in such a hurry, have no concept of their own safety, or… wait for it… they just don’t care. Some things I will just never understand about people.

Well, enough for now. I may be able to keep going on the blog, I will just have to see. I have too many of these blogs, that is clear, and need to see about working on another one or two. That is another problem in this world… excess…. and yes, I am guilty as charged.

Take care and have some Happy Holidays!


Well, Things Need To Slow Down

It has been quite the hectic week this week, and in some ways I wish that the world would slow down, but it doesn’t seem to be doing that, so I will just handle whatever comes my way. I haven’t been writing here on the site for I am not certain anyone really reads my posts anyway. I know a few do, but there are no subscriptions, only a few comments (not counting the endless spam that comes through), so I sort of have been taking care of another site that I take care of, which is not something that any of you would enjoy reading.

Stop Overthinking

But that too is just fine, for that site has quite a lot of followers, and I had to see about putting together the newsletter to send out, so that takes up a lot of time as well. But I enjoy having the sites I have, and while there are different venues on both sites, I try to keep things separate.

It has been rainy here in the Northern part of Oklahoma for the past few days, so that makes it rather nice as well. We are about a third of the way through July, and the days, while some have been quite hot, but overall the days have been rather nice. The grass and trees are all growing like mad, and someday maybe the guy who takes care of mowing my yard will show up and cut the grass. He has been on vacation though, so that is not a problem. And no, I am not complaining, for while the grass is greener, still growing, it still isn’t all that high just yet. Of course, if it gets much higher then I might have to borrow a goat from one of my acquaintances, but hey, I think they loan those things out from time to time just to fatten them up a bit.

I have been finding some bliss in watching the “NCIS” series from the start once again… yes, again… and that is aways a pleasant thing to have in the background. I like Abby on the show, and then all the trouble that DeNosa seems to cause, so it makes it sort of fun to watch. I can see myself in the shoes of Gibbs though when I am around people sometimes, and have to bit my tongue so I don’t lose my mind. But movies and television has always been one of those things that I have enjoyed a lot, so they play around me most of the time.


I do need to write about three letters to some of the people who have written to me, so I will see about taking care of those items one of these days ‘VERY’ soon! Of course, they don’t visit this site either, so they will no doubt not see them coming, but I will see about getting the mail out and take care of the things that I am committed to completing. But there are a lot of things I need to see about taking care of, like more photos to use here on my website, and then I would have a much better choice of items in which to share.

Well, enough for right now, duty calls, stories need edited, and I need to take care of some chores!


E-Cigarettes And Myself

Let me be perfectly clear at the very start of this post. While I use e-cigarettes, and while I believe that they are a very much safer alternative to regular cigarettes (at least for me), I also know that there is a lot of controversial information out on the World Wide Web. By no means am I going to say that they are safe, but for me, they are better for my health. However, I am also 57 years old, not a child or teenager, and also my health suffers in some manners, plus I have struggled for years to get away from regular cigarettes, and find that e-cigarettes are a better alternative for myself.


With that said, I shall proceed with today’s post.

Yesterday marked 90 days that I have not used a regular cigarette, and have been ‘vaping’ in order to contain my withdrawals from not smoking. I have quit before, using a e-cigarette device to eliminate cigarettes, but fell off the wagon and went back to smoking. I had been off the regular cigarettes for 8 months then, and due to my own stupidity and a lot of stress, (for whatever reason), I picked up a pack of cigarettes and was once again smoking those things. It wasn’t anything other than my own weakness, and even when I took that first drag off a cigarette after being clear of them for 8 months, I knew it was a stupid thing for me to do. And you know what? My lungs immediately felt more constricted, and I once again began ‘wheezing’, and I knew that it was a very stupid thing for me to go back to using.

I still use vaporizing liquid that contains a high amount of nicotine, 24 mg per ml, but am getting ready to drop that down to the next lower amount, which I believe is 16 mg per ml. They make other amounts, lower ¬†and lower so that a person can wean themselves off the nicotine completely, but I have not taken that step, but this round, that is what I am going to do, and perhaps my plan, which is to get totally off nicotine, will be successful. You have no doubt heard that the liquid is ‘Antifreeze’, but that is not really true, sure, it is glycol based, but it is not the same glycol that is in antifreeze, and is actually the same glycol that is used in nebulizers and inhalers, so if you don’t see how hot you can get it (i.e. turn the voltage on the vaping unit to it’s highest setting) it expels the glycol into harmless water vapor (and yes, due to the flavors in the liquid, some other things too).

I have tried many different flavors, but have to say that my favorite is one that is called ‘Captain Crunch’, and yes, it does taste just like the cereal. It has a pleasant smell in the air, and I have had several people remark how it smelled. These have been non-smokers, and they do not seem offended being around me when I do ‘vape’. I have tried the liquids that taste like tobacco, but find I do not like them, and have to say that the people I have been around that have vaped tobacco flavors, they all have went back to smoking regular cigarettes. I don’t know if that has anything to do with the flavor, but for me, I like the fruity or vaporizing liquids that taste like things other than tobacco.


Look at the above picture. Now, one thing I have noticed with quite a few people that ‘vape’ is that they seem to like to see how much vapor they can suck into their lungs and expel. And yes, it actually creates a cloud like you are in a smoke filled room. Even as a ‘vaping’ person and smoker (which I still classify myself as a smoker although I have not been smoking), I find those people obnoxious, and I imagine that non-smokers see those clouds of vapor and it makes them angry and start the fight against ‘second hand smoke’ and ‘dangers of vaping’ all over once again.

The vapor that goes into your lungs from ‘vaping’ and not smoking is mostly water vapor (and I am sure some other chemicals), and if you use some common sense, when you take a drag off the e-cigarette, that vapor will mostly condense in your body, and you exhale very little if any of the vapor. I have to believe that if people would just use some common sense, use the e-cigarette responsibly, then it may be more accepted by our non-smoking friends. But yes, people will scream out and get on the soapbox about their ‘rights’ and just end up being problem children.


Nicotine is a stimulant, and yes, it is addicting, so yes, I can see why non-smokers do not want ‘vapers’ to use them inside of a building. I have to side with the non-smokers, for while I may try to be responsible with my vaping, I know a lot of vapers who are not as responsible, and like to see that plume of vapor being exhaled out of their lungs. But, ‘some’ of the more scientific studies have cited that the most carcinogenic attributes of cigarettes are both the tar and the Carbon Monoxide that are in the smoke of a regular cigarette, and that is what harms the lungs more than the nicotine intake. I have read and read articles, reports and citations about the dangers of the ‘unknowns’ in e-cigarettes, most seem to be written by claimed scientists who do not give credentials or any real information on the manner of how the testing was performed, so I have to wonder if the “Big Tobacco Lobby” isn’t behind the reports that are hitting the mainstream media. We will never really know, for the media is controlled by money, and right now, the vaping community do not have money, so their voice will be silenced.


I have had one small problem with the e-cigarette that I use though, and it is related to the battery that goes into my unit. I don’t use the slim style e-cigarette, but I use a thing called a “Mod”, which is larger, and uses a special Lithium Ion battery that is recharged in a charger. Well, last night, at the end of shift, I had changed out the battery on my unit, and put the presumably ‘dead’ battery into my pocket. It apparently got next to a couple of coins in my pants pocket, and suddenly it was very, very hot, burning my thigh. That dead battery had shorted out and was hot enough to probably set fire to something. For a ‘dead’ battery, that was really surprising, and I had put many of the batteries into my pocket before, but never had one light me up like that one! So, while I may go with the view that vaping is safe, DC electricity definitely is not!

Well, that is my shameless plug on the subject of vaping, and while it may or may not be safer than regular cigarettes, it is helping me, so use your best choice, and I hope everyone’s week is a good one!


It All Works Out, Pandora on Guard Duty

Well, it is the end of the week for me, or maybe the start of the week for others, but my week starts with Mondays and ends with Sundays, due to the way that my work schedule is laid out. So for me, today is the last day of the week! Yay! However, since I do work a rotating schedule, I still have today and tomorrow to work before I manage to reach my ‘weekend’, which is actually in the middle of the week this time, but not always.

Now that I have you totally confused, which was my point, it is time to continue with outdoes post.



This is ‘Pandora’, our puppy dog who is in the middle of everything here at the house. She is definitely one of our beloved, and is well cared for, very ornery, loves to play, and is the total guardian of the house. She is always happy when my wife Michelle, or I come home, giving us much love and showing us how much she missed us. She does suffer from anxiety, and is so very sad when either of us are gone, so she has to be right with us, either next to us or right at our feet every day.

Pandora was supposed to be a ‘teacup Yorkie’, but we were duped, and she is actually probably just a regular Yorkie, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t love her any less. She is a joy, sometimes overwhelming, but still, a great joy to us none the less. We didn’t buy her from a reputable dealer, but no one ever said I was the smartest person in this world, but my intentions were good, and it all works out the way it should in this life.

Today, when I got home from work, Pandora had gotten a bath, and my wife had coated her with Cream Rinse, so Pandora’s hair was sort of ‘odd’ feeling to the touch. Poor Pandora, she ran over to me trying to tell me “Look what mom did to me!” She smelled good though, and the cream rinse made her hair feel very nice, so it didn’t hurt her any at all, but Pandora, she is a ‘bruiser’, guarding the house and yard, and is a Holy terror when she runs out at lightning speed to see what has invaded the back yard. Michelle gave her a bath as I slept, so now Pandora is soft and fluffy once again. The bath was to take tot he cream rinse out, but also Pandora managed to get coated in mud while trying to get to a critter that invaded her yard, more on that in a bit.


It is rare for little Pandora to not have a smile on her face, which just about makes my wife, mine and everyone else heart just melt with the love that the little girl expels. She is just one thing in this old world that there should be more of, and my wife and I do spoil and love on her, trying to give her as much love as she offers to both of us. She will race around through the house at break neck speed, bouncing off the furniture when we come home, wanting our attention, and just so very happy that we returned.

And I feel safe with Pandora on the alert. She nestles up against my back when I sleep, and will take off, making a round, ensuring that any little noise is investigated, then returns back to my side, not waking me up, but making sure that I am still warm and okay. She also will check on Michelle, going in to her, and if Michelle is awake, Pandora gives her a lick, letting Michelle know ‘That everything is okay here at the house mom” then returns back to resting, and waiting, just in case anything may change around the house.

I am sure she is no different than anyone else dog, but Pandora is our puppy dog, and very much a part of our world.



One thing that Pandora really hates though is when the mailman comes around. We have a slot in the side of the house where the mailman puts the mail into our house, instead of leaving it in a box on the outside of the house, and Pandora races to the slot, barking angrily, and then will attack the mail that is slid into the house! She is violent. Heaven help the poor mailman if he should ever stick his fingers into that slot, he would probably pull out a bloody stub! But as the meme above states, Pandora is the only reason that the Mailman hasn’t murdered all of us here in the house! I find it interesting how a pet that is so full of love and joy can be so vicious at one little thing that happens in life.


But she also doesn’t take kindly to turtles, mice or toads in the yard. She hunts them down and keeps the yard free of those as well, so she is quite the hunter. Today she tried to take the moulding off the corner of the house, presumably because a mouse crawled up into the corner piece, and if it wasn’t for Michelle, I am sure that Pandora would have chewed her way through the corner of the house!

Well, enough for today. Everyone, I know you love your pets, and they are no doubt a big part of your life as well, so treat them well, and be sure that they are loved by you, just as much as they love you! Have a joyous and great day today, and keep on Truckin’!