Back To Work Again

Now that my vacation is over, and I have to go back to work, I don’t know if I want to be happy or sad. I sure enjoyed the time off, but I also miss a lot of the going on that happens at work. It should be an easy transition though, for I have only been off for 336 hours (14 days), but I know at work there are a lot of things happening at the worksite right now. In the industry I work in, it seems that there is always something that is broken that needs to be fixed, or cleaned out, or just normal maintenance is needed, so everyday is a different set of issues and problems.

Its Okay Go To WOrk


However, I know that the wife and pets will miss me while I am at work. The puppy dog has anxiety issues when either my wife or I leave, and gets all excited and runs through the house like a terror upon our return, so I know she will be all over me when I get off work after a long day of dealing with items. Of course, the cat is a normal cat, and she just wants to make sure that I checked her food bowl before I leave so she won’t have to do without. But the pets are wonderful, and they fit into our family totally, for they are a bit weird like me. My wife is the only normal person here, and I have to wonder if she just enjoys the view or if she is trying to get me to fit into society? But she knows that the pets and I are escapees from another dimension or world, and I think we keep her entertained.

Zoo Closed


According to the forecast this area has more rain coming in, so the reports are saying to prepare for more flooding. It did rain some last night, I slept through it, but I noticed that the porch was wet and the skies are grey, so I am sure we will have more rain coming. The meteorologists are generally close on their forecasts these days, which I suppose is due to better technology in tracking the fronts and storms, so I imagine that the rain will come, and the lakes will be even fuller than they already are. The local Corps of Engineers lake, Kaw Lake is dropping in level some, but there is a lot of water behind the dam, and with the rain in South West Kansas, that means that the old Arkansas River will be dumping more water into it, so we will have to wait and see how that all pans out. I do need to see about getting the lawn mowed, but I fear that may not happen today, but that too is okay, for the person who will be doing the mowing can wait and can be sure that the grass is cut well when the rains stop in a few days.

Bicycle Reasons


I did see about making up a list of reasons for myself since I haven’t managed to be out riding my bike like I should… and as you can see, the list is rather short….. But seriously, I do need to see about getting off my back-end and ride more. I cleaned and lubricated the bikes, and have the whole fleet of them ready for the road, but I seem to get lost in taking care of other things. Yesterday and for the past few days, I worked on the websites, for I have another one that is mine and am trying to see about making it work out better, and this one, which I hadn’t updated for a year, and had to reinstall a bunch of things to make it work. But at least I do something, even though it probably isn’t what I should be doing.


Perhaps I will get up off my duff and get with the program before too long and ride out on the streets of the town. I have to, or I will just sit here and rot away and become nothing more than a liability to myself.

Well people, that is all for the day. What do you know, I managed to write on the blog two days in a row! Maybe tomorrow I will make it three? I hope so. See you all then!