The Year Is Passing



We are now a week into the actual Summer, with Summer starting at the Solstice on June 21, and the season is beginning to get hotter. Here in Oklahoma (and Texas) we have had our fair share of flooding, but that has ended the concerns over the water tables in the aquifer becoming depleted, so that means we are back into having water. Unlike the poor folks in California, and also Las Vegas, who are having a terrible time with having enough water. If you haven’t read, Lake Mead has reached it’s lowest level since Hoover Dam was built, and it looks like there will be water rationing in that part of the US of A as well. I wish we could do something for them, divert all the water that is going down our rivers, perhaps funnel some lake water their way, but alas, due to the way the country is laid out, they would never see it, so we just have to let the water around here head off to the mighty Mississippi River. But 10 years ago, Lake Mead had a level of 1140 feet of water, now it is currently just below the 1075 foot level. It will no doubt take a while for the level to gain 65 feet. If I remember, the local lake, Kaw Lake, has a depth of 80 feet in it’s deepest point, so that means it would be totally empty!


Water is such an important resource for living, and without it, we would not exist. Many wars throughout the ages were actually fought over water, both for drinking (and living) and also for access to the seas for commerce. I was taught, you can live “3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, and three weeks without food.” If you have no water, then you will have no food, that is how it works. Not only would gardens dry up and fail, but it takes a lot of water to produce just one pound of beef. The Internet claims it takes 16 gallons of water for each pound of beef. However, I do not know if that is just the water the livestock drink, or if it also includes the water used to clean the meat and equipment, but still, a cow is a big animal, and I can see where they would definitely drink a whole lot more water than a human being would.

The media, newspapers, magazines, even Internet sources, show Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, all those Middle Eastern countries as being all rocks and desert. I have to wonder (since I have never been there) if it really is just variable land, without trees and grass like we have over most of the US of A? I know there was a person who worked where I work who left the company they worked for, went to Kuwait and Iraq, so he could run a desalination plant. I wonder if it would be possible for the West Coast to put in something like that? I mean, I have not researched it out, but I would think if the need was there, then perhaps the technology would soar and make desalination of sea water even easier and cheaper. Might be one of those things to look into, one never knows, and might be something to think about investing my retirement money into for the future.


But face it, science has became better and better over the ages. At one time, there were four (and yes, the aether is missing), and now there are 118 listed in today’s Periodical Table. Surely, with that much more knowledge, it would be simpler to desalinate water than it was in the 1500’s, where they would just boil the water and catch the water vapor, condense it out, and then the solids (salt) would stay in the pan. Of course, I am no scientist, and know that if a true scientist gets involved, due to patent restrictions, liabilities, fear of having the discovery stolen, then the whole thing will become so convoluted, no one would be able to make heads or tails out of it, and it would cost Billions upon Billions of dollars. Ah, the wonders of Capitalism…..


But then too, come September, September 24th according to the Conspiracy Theories, a huge asteroid is ‘supposed’ to crash into the Atlantic Ocean, creating tsunamis 200 feet tall, wiping out the East Coast of the US of A, so there may not be much more to worry about. All of the Californians can move back east, restart that area, have plenty of water, and everything will be just Hunky-Dory.

Of course, there are a number of things the conspiracy theory guys say, like:

  • September 15 – Recognition of Palestine by the UN
  • September 15 – Operation Jade Helm ends (US Military Training Along Borders)
  • September 22 – World Economic Collapse (through September 28)
  • September 23 – Isaac Newton’s Prophecy (whatever that may be)
  • September 23 – Day of Atonement
  • September 24 – Astroid to Hit Atlantic Ocean
  • September 25 – A 2 1/2 Mile Wide Comet to Pass Near the Earth
  • September 25 – Agenda 21 on Steroids (Illuminati thing)
  • September 28 – Last of the Four Blood Moons

So, you see, September will be a very busy month!

Personally, I don’t hold much hope for the Conspiracy Theorists, but I do enjoy hearing and reading about their concerns, and doom saying, although I have yet to pack my ‘to-go’ pack so I can leave the area and hide out in the woods with all the survivalists, I still sort of watch the signs of the times just to be sure. But every year it seems that someone, somewhere is saying that we are ‘DOOMED’ and that the whole world will end, so take all of it, as I do, with a grain of salt.


Like I said, I seriously doubt that any of the above dates have any scientific backing. Sort of like all of the earthquakes we have had here in Oklahoma. I have read so many things, from oil well fracking, salt water injection wells, tectonic plate shifting, magnetic pole swapping, the magma beneath Yellowstone to the aquifer below this area being sucked dry. What do I believe? I think we have just gotten so technologically advanced that we put enough seismographs around the state and country, that now we get to see all of the earthquakes that we had all along and never felt. I know we have had a few that were felt ever since I was a kid, and will have to say that perhaps with people being more aware, they are more sensitized to the earthquakes now, and instead of just thinking it was a truck passing down the road, they are now being able to see on the Internet that it was an earthquake. But as I said, that is only my view, nothing more, take it and $1.59 to McDonalds and you can get yourself a cup of coffee.


You can see how worried I am about all of the happenings these days… so I hope everyone has a great week, today is MONDAY after all, and hope all things go your way!


Such A Troubling Time…..


I realize what I am going to say is controversial, so read on if you dare. No hate here, but I am certain it has the ability to bring out the hate in others.

You know, I haven’t written anything for a week, which is bad, for there is so much going on in this old world, yet, I believe we only see a very small part. We get all focused on matters that we seem to disagree upon, take stands on things that we believe just are not right, and fight a fight that comes to conclude no winner. This old world is full of ‘Haters’, ‘Sexists’, ‘Racists’, ‘Blasphemites’, ‘Homophobes’ and many other people who can be classified as a part of someone’s rear end, but I will not write the word, for this is a non-profanity area…… But there is so much going on in the world everyday, it is unfortunate that the media seems to want to focus on things that are ‘sensational’ or ‘disparaging’ in order to bring more and more disgruntlement into an already angry world. The media has lost all focus on Life Stories which can be good for the heart and soul.

With the Supreme Court’s official ruling on Gay Marriages a couple of days ago, I have to say I have found out which of my acquaintances are ‘unbending’, ‘unaccepting’, ‘uncaring’ and for the most part, just generally trying to stand for something that they cannot accept. I find this so very sad, for they are all good people in my eyes, we are all “HUMAN“, and I know they mean no harm, but yet, they cite views that I feel shame about, for I know they mean well, but yet still, they wish to stand hard for something that doesn’t really affect them, but yet, it is something that they will have to see everyday, and they just cannot accept that it is happening. If you are certain about your sexuality, then it should not matter at all if someone is gay, transgendered or with someone who is of the same sex.


Understand, I am glad for the US Constitution Second Amendment, and yes, I possess guns. I think everyone should be able to possess guns, and I think that one day we may need guns in order to protect ourselves. It does not scare me when I see someone out and about in town with a weapon strapped on their hip, and it doesn’t matter to me or concern me whether a person has a concealed weapon permit and they have a gun hidden on themselves. I have been in situations where I have stared down the wrong end of the barrel of a gun, and I have pointed a gun at a person, and yes, all the above were for reasons that were for the correct reasons. Guns have there reasons and sometimes are needed to get the correct meaning across to people. But the second amendment isn’t the only amendment to the US Constitution, and I will bet that most people only know or can tell what the First and Second amendments are, and not the others. In fact, there are 27 amendments in the US Constitution, two which probably should not have needed to be there (the 18th and 21st), but most people just jump into the mob without any real knowledge of what they are fighting for or against.

Just like in life, we all have a reason and meaning to be here on this planet. Yes, we probably don’t know the reason, nor may we ever really know, but I am certain we have a reason for being here. With the right attitude, people help others, maybe indirectly, maybe not, maybe the people go out to find ways to help other people, maybe people don’t let other people know how they help out other people, for it really is not anyone’s business but the person helping out another person. You don’t have to be praised or thanked for helping out someone, although I do know a lot of people look for praise in order to raise their own opinion of themselves, which may be a good thing, depending on what they are trying to do. But we are all here, and there really is no reason not to be a part of humanity, and live in harmony with one another.

Our current President, Barrack Obama, he isn’t the tyrant or evil doer that a lot of people I know make him out to be, he is just trying to do a job that he was elected to perform. Sure, he probably has a hidden agenda, just as most all of us have, and I say that for it seems that we all have something that we wish to change, yet, we don’t wish to have that part published. President Obama, and Congress, pass items that a lot of people may or may not agree with, but I am certain that a lot of us have done things that others may or may not agree with as well. I know that I have, and still do, and probably always will, but that is between me, myself and I. Of course, things I do probably do not have anything to do with other people, but if you knew what they were, I am certain you would change the way you see me, treat me, or look at me. That is because most people are ‘Haters’, ‘Sexists’, ‘Racists’, ‘Blasphemites’, ‘Homophobes’, and many other labels we all like to place on other people.



A few words that have been around for a very long time, which most all people have heard, which drug addicts, alcoholics and those in reform live by every day. Words which many people read, take in the meaning, and also think they may be living by, but are they? They may think so, but I also see on the social media that they need to read and look over the words once again, and search themselves to see if they really are trying to follow those little words or not. And yes, your God can be any Higher Power, it does not have to be the Christian or Muslim God, it can be any God or Higher Power you wish to be a part of of in this world.


I take a stand for myself, stating simply that I am “HUMAN” and yes, I have faults, I have rights, I have issues, I have ulterior motives, but still, like all others who I associate with, I am “HUMAN“. I try very hard to accept other peoples views, when those views are their own and they are not just jumping on the ‘band wagon’, for all that leads to is a mob mentality, which leads to problems they are probably not really ready to deal with or go through. I try to practice patience and love to all people, and care about them, even the guy who flips me off with a finger when he thinks I am doing something wrongly against him or her, and you know, it doesn’t matter to me what religion they belong to, what classification they have been labeled, whether they help others or not, or if they are just in general a mean person. They too are HUMAN, and they too have a life which they have made for themselves, and I can accept them into this world.

We all have our views on what is right and wrong, but hey, you know what? If it doesn’t harm you or your family, then why would it matter? Why not just look past those things someone is harmlessly doing and get on with your life, try to make this old world a better place for all of us to live in, not care what clothes a person wears, or why they act the way they do, or why they do not conform to the way you, as a fellow HUMAN chooses to live your own life. It will actually all be just fine, it doesn’t matter what the color of another HUMAN‘s skin is, what clothes they choose to wear, what other HUMAN they choose to be with, or where they may be congregating. In fact, if we were all more accepting, then that would surely make all of us just that much more HUMAN!

So, on a closing word, from a fellow acquaintance……




I Like To Ride My Bike

What would a blog be without a silly video?

Now that we have that over with…. back to the matter at hand.

Yes, fellow readers, most of you know that I do ride my bike, and I enjoy being outdoors on it as well. It is nice to take the time to ride through he town and enjoy all the things that are going on while moving at a slower pace than in the car. While it is something that I really need to do more of, at least I do a little riding and each ride brings a lot of enjoyment out to my heart and soul. It is really amazing how much you hear, smell and see when moving along at a leisurely pace instead of racing through town in a vehicle (although I don’t go at breakneck speed) but it is just so much more enjoyable and it brings back a person closer to their childhood, or at least it does for me.

However, a person needs to think a bit before taking on a challenge of riding their bicycle. Be aware of the heat, for where I live in Oklahoma, the heat becomes a factor, and it can take it’s toll on the body. Sunscreen also is one of those things that a person has to think about, or you can end up with bad sunburn, for the intense energy of the sun bearing down on your exposed skin can make the time afterwards quite unenjoyable. Be sure to wear the appropriate safety gear as well, like maybe a helmet. I will not go into the needs of wearing helmet, and anyone who knows me knows that I generally do not wear my bicycling helmet. I have my reasons, but I also have several helmets, and if I am going to be riding out in traffic, I do put one on. On the Catrike I ride, my head is right at the same level as the bumper on a car or truck, and although I am very stubborn and hard-headed, my head is no opponent to the bumper of a car or truck. However, if I will be riding mostly on a street that has no traffic, so to speak, or sidewalks in town, I generally do not bother with a helmet, and yes, I know that I could still end up with a terrible concussion or worse, but it is still a choice one makes.

The Oklahoma Sun Can Be Vicious
The Oklahoma Sun Can Be Vicious

Yesterday, I went out for a short ride, thinking that I would see about building myself up, get the old legs tuned back up, and get back into the saddle of bicycle riding once again. I had a heart attack about four years ago, while riding my trike back and forth to work, in the August Summer heat that was in the three digits, and so I haven’t been riding near as much, in fact, pretty much haven’t been riding at all. I read a blog post from a bicycling enthusiast promoting getting back to riding, saying if you will just ride about 2 miles a day, then it becomes easier and easier, and you will soon be back to your old self, riding many miles, and enjoying the riding once again.

I pulled out my Hybrid Bicycle from the garage, and took off, going to a place that does manicures, which is about a mile, maybe just a little more from my house, and felt good riding along the sidewalk of the busiest street here in Ponca City. The ride felt good, to be back out in the open air, and while we have small hills here, none of the climbing was bad at all, I just downshifted (something I never used to do) and was at ease riding to the place. I had to wait for about 45 minutes before one of the manicurists were free, and felt good, reading my email on the smart phone, then sat and the manicurist had clipped my nails, and was beginning to work on my cuticles.

I began feeling funny, with a tingling in my scalp and began to sweat, and felt an issue coming on inside of myself that I have felt from time to time for years and years, coming on to myself, and really did just felt the need to lie down, but with me being hard headed, and having a person clipping my nails, I hoped that the episode that was overtaking me would just end. Well, it didn’t, and I blacked out (fainted) while in the chair. When the manicurist was able to get me to come back around, a concerned female patron also visiting the place had called 911 and the ambulance was on its way. I was sweating profusely,and was a bit ‘wasted’ and was a bit unresponsive for a while, but was feeling better. Like I said, I have had these episodes before, and knew I would be just fine.

Oldsmobile Ambulance

So when the medics showed up at the place, they kept asking me a lot of questions, and were going to take me to the hospital. The medics, they thought I was having a heart attack, but I knew that I wasn’t, for I have had heart attacks, and I knew that was not the case. I told them I really didn’t want to go to the hospital, and that if they would just let me be, let me rest for about an hour, I would be over the episode and could no doubt just ride my bike back home. But they wouldn’t have any part of that, and insisted that I needed to go to the hospital. They asked if I had ‘next of kin’, and I called my wife with my phone, and the medic took my phone away from me, and told my wife I was having a heart attack. Of course, I kept arguing, and the medics were not listening to me, and my wife was scared to death. Needless to say, they did take me to the hospital, and the nurses there were still trying to tell me that I was having a heart attack, with me telling them that I knew I wasn’t, but they all thought I was just confused.

At the hospital, they took blood and ran tests on me, then wanted to do a ‘Cat Scan’ (probably bringing in a yellow tiger striped one to sniff me out), and I refused, which made the doctor and nurses angry. Then, when the doctor and nurses did decide that I wasn’t having a heart attack, they still wanted me to stay overnight, which I once again refused. Ended up having to sign a whole bunch of paperwork stating that I refused numerous tests and medical help, but I finally got out of the place and was able to get back home where I now feel just fine. I will probably now have to fight with the insurance company, but hey, that is how all of this works out.

But the trip to the hospital did help my wife and me understand why I was having the episodes, and the doctor and nurses would also know what I experienced if they would have just listened to what symptoms they stated that they observed. Turns out, you have a ‘Vasal Nerve’ in your stomach area that can set off something which makes the veins dilate in your legs, making blood pool in your feet, and that lowers down your blood pressure and you don’t get enough blood to your brain, thus, you end up fainting. Well, I have splotches on my feet where blood has pooled for years, which the iron in your blood will make rust colored splotches on your feet. My cardiologist and the doctors at the hospital have stated this before, and I can see it too. But I have all the symptoms of “Vasovagal Syncope”, which makes me faint or black out. The doctor and nurses both spoke about that vassal nerve in the stomach, and reading about it, it is hard to diagnose, for I have some other issues so I didn’t bring up a couple more items that would have helped them diagnose the episode that I had experienced. I have had this issue for years, and really never knew what was causing it, but it is set off by dehydration, and yes, I know I have never drank enough water, but now, I am going to have to work hard at drinking plenty of water so I don’t go through these episodes again.


But anyway, a lot of the people I work with and know have prayed and were concerned about me, and while I am not used to being worried about, I do appreciate that they actually were concerned about me. My sisters were deeply concerned, and I am sorry they were worried, but trust me, I am okay, just didn’t think about being dehydrated, and didn’t ever know what set off my passing out. Believe me though, if you have the Vasovagal Syncope condition, when the episode begins, you have a couple of minutes before you really feel like you are going to not make it, and if you aren’t able to lie down to elevate your legs and get the blood out of your feet, then you will collapse onto the floor or in the aisle at the grocery store, and the medics will haul you out to the flashy red buggy and rush you to the hospital.

But that was my day yesterday, and while I started writing this blog yesterday, was going to put photos about the ride on the blog, well, as it seems, I just didn’t get to finish the ride yesterday, but will be out riding again, “WITH PLENTY OF WATER” on me and in me, and will have a good blog to write then!

Take care and have a great day everyone!


My Blog, Web Site and “Zero Tolerance” Advertising


This is just a post to tell anyone who visits any of my sites, which I have two, The Virtual Realm, and this one, Alternative Realities, that I do not support advertising. My wife has a website as well, where she shows her music, but while I do not build or create on her site, I am not certain if she has any real advertisements or not. The only links I will give off this blog site are to my own sites, which as I said, are not supportive of advertisements. On my other site, The Virtual Realm, there is a sidebar listing of sites that I enjoy visiting, with their links, but they do not pay me, nor do you need to go to their site to read what I have on that site. So, no cookies will be put into your browser for tracking your visits to any of my sites, no pop-up windows will appear, there will not be any advertisements on the sidebars, nor will you get any emails from spammers because you have been to my sites. I pay a hosting service good money to host my site, and while I about get undulated with emails from advertisers telling me how may ‘pennies’ per click I could receive by putting their embedded advertisements into my sites, I will not do that nor do I support those places or practices.

I don’t know about everyone else, but it is so very annoying to me to have those stupid pop-ups come up when I am trying to read something out on the internet, and a lot of those sites I do not visit because of all the advertising. Same way with the sidebar advertisements, I can really live without those, although they are not near as annoying as the pop-up or scrolling ones, they are still bothersome and seem to be right where my mouse pointer is located and I end up at a site I really have no interest in visiting.

I will have to say though that I may, or may not post pictures, not clickable pictures, but pictures into my blog of some of the stores and businesses in Ponca City and surrounding areas that I do support and do business with, such as the picture on one of my blogs with a photo from “Aldi’s”. A blog may contain items or things about a said business that I use or visited, but it will not take you to their site or be something that is an advertisement for them to drum up more business. Any picture posted on this blog will not take you to their site, nor will it do anything more than just sit there in my blog. If you wish to go to the Aldi’s site, then you know how to use a search engine, there are many of them, and you can type in the store name and it will lead you off to their site. You should not need me to lead you there through my web sites. However, I may have the address of a business listed in the blog post, but that would be the only ‘shameless plug’ part of any advertising on my part.

Besides advertisements, understand as well that neither of my sites will contain any vulgarities, demeaning or racial items, they are family oriented, there will not be any pornography, and are all safe for work or family. I think we all agree that there is enough vulgarities out in the world wide web, and I personally feel that there does not need to be any more added to the electronic world. I only support “CLEAN, WHOLESOME FUN!”


Writing Letters And Receiving Mail


One of the things I do in this world, and I enjoy, is writing letters and sending out mail. I put a lot of work in a lot of letters that I send out, trying to make them something that other people will like. I don’t know if they enjoy receiving them as much as I enjoy creating them, but I still like to send them out, and love it when I get a letter or postcard in return. I (and Pandora, the dog) enjoy seeing the mailman come to the door to deliver letters and mail, and it is always one of those things that I will no doubt enjoy for years to come.


I create my letters on a variety of materials, from regular paper, paper that I may have created and made myself, used items like a sack from the local store or fast food place, or I may create a booklet to send out to someone. Lately I have found the enjoyment in writing letters on sacks, tearing them open, painting and drawing on them, and making them become something much more than just an old sack that was written upon. I have even sent out letters written on paper plates, which is a trick in itself, but it was one of those challenges that I enjoyed creating. Who knows what they may get from me when I write them a letter, it is a mystery to myself as well when I create one to send out.


My wife tells me that some of the things I send out are ‘works of art’ and that I should keep them, but alas, I would rather share what I create and not try to save everything that I make. I found a joy in creating books and booklets a while back, lacing up the spine and creating things that I am proud of creating, and giving it someone else. I have been known to send out handmade ‘pop-up’ cards to people and businesses here in town, and have even found it fun that some of those places didn’t know who sent them for quite a while, and were shocked when they realized it was me. Of course, where I live is a small city, 20,000 people or so, and I have lived here all my life, am a bit odd, and people remember me quite easily. But overall, I am harmless, and people know that, so it makes it nice I can have some fun with people in the city here.


I have found so much joy in creating ‘pop-up’ cards, ones that you open up and the card becomes somewhat 3-D, and my wife really likes those, and enjoys seeing my creations. The above pop-up is a rendition of my desk where I write, although the desk I use is cluttered to the max most of the time, with a couple of computers on it (hey, I like watching Netflix) and generally has layers of things on the desk and computer keyboards, but that s pretty much the way I live. I definitely do not have OCD or a neatness habit, so I generally have to search for things when I wish to use them to create items.



Christmas cards are also fun to create, and I try to tell what the card is created out of, what media was used, and is signed. Not that it really matters, but it always gives me a sense of completion when I do sign and put my ‘chop’ marking on a card. No, I am not Asian, but I visited Malaysia years ago, and have to say that I really did enjoy the world there, and have adapted several items into my world that came from that area. I had the chop made which is a rendition of my nickname, “Gazmuth”, so it is unique. Gazmuth is the name I created out of thin air when I ran a BBS (Bulletin Board System) in the 1990’s, before the advent of the Internet. The Internet was around, but it was mostly used by the government and colleges back then, so there were BBS’s, which were dial in, with telephone cables and 2400 baud modems. I ran the “Virtual Realm” and my handle was Lord Gazmuth. The name has stuck with me ever since, and I have found that it is unique, for if you do a search on the internet, about all you will find are things that I have posted.


That is my own world with writing letters and receiving mail. It is something that is quickly becoming a lost art it seems, although there are still quite a few people out there that write letters and send them out, designing and creating todays works of art and wonderment. I have found that only a handful of men write though, and most of the women only want other women to write to them, but that is one of those choices they have the right to make. My wife Michelle enjoys reading the letters that I send out, not because she doesn’t trust me, but because I write what I call ‘designer letters’, and she enjoys seeing what I create. And of course, I always prompt her to see and read what others send to me, and she enjoys that part of our lives together as well. It is fun to share things with people, life experiences, items from a place they may not ever see, and just life in general. I know Ponca City is small, may not be very appealing to a visitor, but we have a lot of things that us ‘locals’ know about, can take photos of and share with others that would be fun for others to see and learn about. All of life is a learning experience, and we all need to keep that up until we pass off of this world.

Well, in the immortal words of “Forest Gump”, I guess “That is all I have to say about that!”


E-Cigarettes And Myself

Let me be perfectly clear at the very start of this post. While I use e-cigarettes, and while I believe that they are a very much safer alternative to regular cigarettes (at least for me), I also know that there is a lot of controversial information out on the World Wide Web. By no means am I going to say that they are safe, but for me, they are better for my health. However, I am also 57 years old, not a child or teenager, and also my health suffers in some manners, plus I have struggled for years to get away from regular cigarettes, and find that e-cigarettes are a better alternative for myself.


With that said, I shall proceed with today’s post.

Yesterday marked 90 days that I have not used a regular cigarette, and have been ‘vaping’ in order to contain my withdrawals from not smoking. I have quit before, using a e-cigarette device to eliminate cigarettes, but fell off the wagon and went back to smoking. I had been off the regular cigarettes for 8 months then, and due to my own stupidity and a lot of stress, (for whatever reason), I picked up a pack of cigarettes and was once again smoking those things. It wasn’t anything other than my own weakness, and even when I took that first drag off a cigarette after being clear of them for 8 months, I knew it was a stupid thing for me to do. And you know what? My lungs immediately felt more constricted, and I once again began ‘wheezing’, and I knew that it was a very stupid thing for me to go back to using.

I still use vaporizing liquid that contains a high amount of nicotine, 24 mg per ml, but am getting ready to drop that down to the next lower amount, which I believe is 16 mg per ml. They make other amounts, lower  and lower so that a person can wean themselves off the nicotine completely, but I have not taken that step, but this round, that is what I am going to do, and perhaps my plan, which is to get totally off nicotine, will be successful. You have no doubt heard that the liquid is ‘Antifreeze’, but that is not really true, sure, it is glycol based, but it is not the same glycol that is in antifreeze, and is actually the same glycol that is used in nebulizers and inhalers, so if you don’t see how hot you can get it (i.e. turn the voltage on the vaping unit to it’s highest setting) it expels the glycol into harmless water vapor (and yes, due to the flavors in the liquid, some other things too).

I have tried many different flavors, but have to say that my favorite is one that is called ‘Captain Crunch’, and yes, it does taste just like the cereal. It has a pleasant smell in the air, and I have had several people remark how it smelled. These have been non-smokers, and they do not seem offended being around me when I do ‘vape’. I have tried the liquids that taste like tobacco, but find I do not like them, and have to say that the people I have been around that have vaped tobacco flavors, they all have went back to smoking regular cigarettes. I don’t know if that has anything to do with the flavor, but for me, I like the fruity or vaporizing liquids that taste like things other than tobacco.


Look at the above picture. Now, one thing I have noticed with quite a few people that ‘vape’ is that they seem to like to see how much vapor they can suck into their lungs and expel. And yes, it actually creates a cloud like you are in a smoke filled room. Even as a ‘vaping’ person and smoker (which I still classify myself as a smoker although I have not been smoking), I find those people obnoxious, and I imagine that non-smokers see those clouds of vapor and it makes them angry and start the fight against ‘second hand smoke’ and ‘dangers of vaping’ all over once again.

The vapor that goes into your lungs from ‘vaping’ and not smoking is mostly water vapor (and I am sure some other chemicals), and if you use some common sense, when you take a drag off the e-cigarette, that vapor will mostly condense in your body, and you exhale very little if any of the vapor. I have to believe that if people would just use some common sense, use the e-cigarette responsibly, then it may be more accepted by our non-smoking friends. But yes, people will scream out and get on the soapbox about their ‘rights’ and just end up being problem children.


Nicotine is a stimulant, and yes, it is addicting, so yes, I can see why non-smokers do not want ‘vapers’ to use them inside of a building. I have to side with the non-smokers, for while I may try to be responsible with my vaping, I know a lot of vapers who are not as responsible, and like to see that plume of vapor being exhaled out of their lungs. But, ‘some’ of the more scientific studies have cited that the most carcinogenic attributes of cigarettes are both the tar and the Carbon Monoxide that are in the smoke of a regular cigarette, and that is what harms the lungs more than the nicotine intake. I have read and read articles, reports and citations about the dangers of the ‘unknowns’ in e-cigarettes, most seem to be written by claimed scientists who do not give credentials or any real information on the manner of how the testing was performed, so I have to wonder if the “Big Tobacco Lobby” isn’t behind the reports that are hitting the mainstream media. We will never really know, for the media is controlled by money, and right now, the vaping community do not have money, so their voice will be silenced.


I have had one small problem with the e-cigarette that I use though, and it is related to the battery that goes into my unit. I don’t use the slim style e-cigarette, but I use a thing called a “Mod”, which is larger, and uses a special Lithium Ion battery that is recharged in a charger. Well, last night, at the end of shift, I had changed out the battery on my unit, and put the presumably ‘dead’ battery into my pocket. It apparently got next to a couple of coins in my pants pocket, and suddenly it was very, very hot, burning my thigh. That dead battery had shorted out and was hot enough to probably set fire to something. For a ‘dead’ battery, that was really surprising, and I had put many of the batteries into my pocket before, but never had one light me up like that one! So, while I may go with the view that vaping is safe, DC electricity definitely is not!

Well, that is my shameless plug on the subject of vaping, and while it may or may not be safer than regular cigarettes, it is helping me, so use your best choice, and I hope everyone’s week is a good one!


It All Works Out, Pandora on Guard Duty

Well, it is the end of the week for me, or maybe the start of the week for others, but my week starts with Mondays and ends with Sundays, due to the way that my work schedule is laid out. So for me, today is the last day of the week! Yay! However, since I do work a rotating schedule, I still have today and tomorrow to work before I manage to reach my ‘weekend’, which is actually in the middle of the week this time, but not always.

Now that I have you totally confused, which was my point, it is time to continue with outdoes post.



This is ‘Pandora’, our puppy dog who is in the middle of everything here at the house. She is definitely one of our beloved, and is well cared for, very ornery, loves to play, and is the total guardian of the house. She is always happy when my wife Michelle, or I come home, giving us much love and showing us how much she missed us. She does suffer from anxiety, and is so very sad when either of us are gone, so she has to be right with us, either next to us or right at our feet every day.

Pandora was supposed to be a ‘teacup Yorkie’, but we were duped, and she is actually probably just a regular Yorkie, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t love her any less. She is a joy, sometimes overwhelming, but still, a great joy to us none the less. We didn’t buy her from a reputable dealer, but no one ever said I was the smartest person in this world, but my intentions were good, and it all works out the way it should in this life.

Today, when I got home from work, Pandora had gotten a bath, and my wife had coated her with Cream Rinse, so Pandora’s hair was sort of ‘odd’ feeling to the touch. Poor Pandora, she ran over to me trying to tell me “Look what mom did to me!” She smelled good though, and the cream rinse made her hair feel very nice, so it didn’t hurt her any at all, but Pandora, she is a ‘bruiser’, guarding the house and yard, and is a Holy terror when she runs out at lightning speed to see what has invaded the back yard. Michelle gave her a bath as I slept, so now Pandora is soft and fluffy once again. The bath was to take tot he cream rinse out, but also Pandora managed to get coated in mud while trying to get to a critter that invaded her yard, more on that in a bit.


It is rare for little Pandora to not have a smile on her face, which just about makes my wife, mine and everyone else heart just melt with the love that the little girl expels. She is just one thing in this old world that there should be more of, and my wife and I do spoil and love on her, trying to give her as much love as she offers to both of us. She will race around through the house at break neck speed, bouncing off the furniture when we come home, wanting our attention, and just so very happy that we returned.

And I feel safe with Pandora on the alert. She nestles up against my back when I sleep, and will take off, making a round, ensuring that any little noise is investigated, then returns back to my side, not waking me up, but making sure that I am still warm and okay. She also will check on Michelle, going in to her, and if Michelle is awake, Pandora gives her a lick, letting Michelle know ‘That everything is okay here at the house mom” then returns back to resting, and waiting, just in case anything may change around the house.

I am sure she is no different than anyone else dog, but Pandora is our puppy dog, and very much a part of our world.



One thing that Pandora really hates though is when the mailman comes around. We have a slot in the side of the house where the mailman puts the mail into our house, instead of leaving it in a box on the outside of the house, and Pandora races to the slot, barking angrily, and then will attack the mail that is slid into the house! She is violent. Heaven help the poor mailman if he should ever stick his fingers into that slot, he would probably pull out a bloody stub! But as the meme above states, Pandora is the only reason that the Mailman hasn’t murdered all of us here in the house! I find it interesting how a pet that is so full of love and joy can be so vicious at one little thing that happens in life.


But she also doesn’t take kindly to turtles, mice or toads in the yard. She hunts them down and keeps the yard free of those as well, so she is quite the hunter. Today she tried to take the moulding off the corner of the house, presumably because a mouse crawled up into the corner piece, and if it wasn’t for Michelle, I am sure that Pandora would have chewed her way through the corner of the house!

Well, enough for today. Everyone, I know you love your pets, and they are no doubt a big part of your life as well, so treat them well, and be sure that they are loved by you, just as much as they love you! Have a joyous and great day today, and keep on Truckin’!


Another Day, Another Dollar

Day one of my return to work went well, although I found that the day went really fast, with so much to get all caught up on, and trying to get things back to normal, or at least normal for me. It was a good night though, and I feel blessed that all went smoothly. Now, if this next night goes just as well it will be a wonderful thing!


But true to things in my life, I am sure that mistakes will be made and that the crew and I will struggle some with choices, causes and the general workings of the job. But like everyone, the crew and I will work through our choices and paths through this world and will overcome the barriers and boundaries that keep all of us encompassed, and make the path as smooth as possible.

That is one thing that I have seen all through my life, that the path we all choose through this life has it’s bumps and curves, and while we may struggle to manage to get down that path, the reward at the end of the path makes us all feel good about the way we lead our life. We try not to get hung up on our mistakes, but sometimes we do try to cover up those mistakes, when it would be so easy to accept and rework our way through a mistake instead of trying to deny it or make it look like we actually knew what we were doing. All of us are fallible, but that is one thing I have found that it seems a lot of people are unable to accept, then they fight their way through denial, which only causes a lot of other issues and problems down the path.


As I grow older, I don’t remember things as well as I used to, and have actually found that there are things that are easier to look up than to try to remember, so that makes it a lot easier than filling up my old mind with items that really are things that I should be able to look up to find the answer, which will make the path through life so much easier to follow. (Thank goodness for WikiPedia!)

It is okay not to know everything, and make plenty of notes to look up those things that are required so you don’t forget to look up the answer so others will know what is needed. You can’t expect the other people to know everything either, but can actually help them be able to research and find the answer to the problem they are facing. Not with life in general though, that is one of those ‘life experiences’ that a person has to experience and learn through on their own terms, but when it comes to a job or a duty, it is okay not to have all the answers, but one needs to know where to find those answers and to work out the solution to the problem.


And yes, communication is the key to success, not only in the work we perform, but in our life as general. It is true that we all try to reply to what others tell us instead of just listening and learning, or accepting what is being told to all of us. Communication skills is an art form of it’s own, and while I still have a lot to work on on that subject, as I gain age I have been trying more and more to try to listen and not just respond. Sort of like the things I have heard about women, where they wish to talk and have their mate listen, but the mate (male generally) thinks that their wife is trying to ask for some solutions. The results are generally not very happy in what happens when the man tries to tell the woman what they are doing wrong. The woman may just need someone to hear and listen to what is eating away at their soul and interfering with their life. I think we have all been there, seen that, and have that T-Shirt!


And some of the things that we are told by others, maybe our Boss, our peers or just people who care in general, are not things we wish to hear, and we get angry. One thing I try to remember is that “The truth hurts, while lies do not. The one thing that can make me the most angry is the truth. The truth hurts!”

Well, time to get back to the slave pits, so may everyone have a great weekend!


Back To Work Again

Now that my vacation is over, and I have to go back to work, I don’t know if I want to be happy or sad. I sure enjoyed the time off, but I also miss a lot of the going on that happens at work. It should be an easy transition though, for I have only been off for 336 hours (14 days), but I know at work there are a lot of things happening at the worksite right now. In the industry I work in, it seems that there is always something that is broken that needs to be fixed, or cleaned out, or just normal maintenance is needed, so everyday is a different set of issues and problems.

Its Okay Go To WOrk


However, I know that the wife and pets will miss me while I am at work. The puppy dog has anxiety issues when either my wife or I leave, and gets all excited and runs through the house like a terror upon our return, so I know she will be all over me when I get off work after a long day of dealing with items. Of course, the cat is a normal cat, and she just wants to make sure that I checked her food bowl before I leave so she won’t have to do without. But the pets are wonderful, and they fit into our family totally, for they are a bit weird like me. My wife is the only normal person here, and I have to wonder if she just enjoys the view or if she is trying to get me to fit into society? But she knows that the pets and I are escapees from another dimension or world, and I think we keep her entertained.

Zoo Closed


According to the forecast this area has more rain coming in, so the reports are saying to prepare for more flooding. It did rain some last night, I slept through it, but I noticed that the porch was wet and the skies are grey, so I am sure we will have more rain coming. The meteorologists are generally close on their forecasts these days, which I suppose is due to better technology in tracking the fronts and storms, so I imagine that the rain will come, and the lakes will be even fuller than they already are. The local Corps of Engineers lake, Kaw Lake is dropping in level some, but there is a lot of water behind the dam, and with the rain in South West Kansas, that means that the old Arkansas River will be dumping more water into it, so we will have to wait and see how that all pans out. I do need to see about getting the lawn mowed, but I fear that may not happen today, but that too is okay, for the person who will be doing the mowing can wait and can be sure that the grass is cut well when the rains stop in a few days.

Bicycle Reasons


I did see about making up a list of reasons for myself since I haven’t managed to be out riding my bike like I should… and as you can see, the list is rather short….. But seriously, I do need to see about getting off my back-end and ride more. I cleaned and lubricated the bikes, and have the whole fleet of them ready for the road, but I seem to get lost in taking care of other things. Yesterday and for the past few days, I worked on the websites, for I have another one that is mine and am trying to see about making it work out better, and this one, which I hadn’t updated for a year, and had to reinstall a bunch of things to make it work. But at least I do something, even though it probably isn’t what I should be doing.


Perhaps I will get up off my duff and get with the program before too long and ride out on the streets of the town. I have to, or I will just sit here and rot away and become nothing more than a liability to myself.

Well people, that is all for the day. What do you know, I managed to write on the blog two days in a row! Maybe tomorrow I will make it three? I hope so. See you all then!


Food And Other Things

A blog shouldn’t be limited to just one type of post, unless the posts are all that a person does. I enjoy so many things, so who knows what I may post on the site. 

Aldi Grocery Shopping
Aldi Grocery Shopping

Some of the guys I work with told me how much cheaper Aldi’s was on groceries, so I thought I would try it out. I have actually found that by shopping there, I have saved quite a lot of money on the old food budget. They do not have the brands of foods I used to buy, no Libby’s, Green Giant, Post… but I am finding that I can live without those specific brands. I can not say that I have tasted much difference in the food that I have purchased, although one item, (coffee to be specific) that had a bit of a ‘hang’ to it, but so far, that seems to be the only item that really wasn’t something that I could handle.

I have been trying to cook and eat much more at home these days as well. Some of my friends, relation and acquaintances on FaceBook have been posting recipes on the timeline, so I thought I would try some of them out. So far that endeavor has been quite positive, and the dishes have been pretty tasty. I have been concentrating on crock pot recipes mostly, for I am a literal mess when trying to cook, with food strung all over the counters, the floor, the ceiling…. well, you get the picture, so it is beneficial to me to cook in the crock pot.

Slow Cooker Crock Pot
Slow Cooker Crock Pot

I have been notorious about going out to eat, most meals anyway, but that isn’t very healthy for me, nor is it very conservative. I am not talking about fast food either, for I tire quickly of just tacos, hamburgers and pizza. But eating out all the time is expensive, especially if you try to do it most of the time. I did a little bit of calculating, based on minimum wage of $7.50 an hour. For a 40 hour work week, that works out to be about $300.00 a week, minus 35% taxes comes out to be about $195.00 a week take home pay. Now, if a third of those wages are applied to food, that works out to about $64.00 a week, or about $9.20 a day for food. That is $3.00 a meal, for three meals a day, which won’t even buy much of a hamburger, let alone the french fries! So, thinking about all of that, I have been trying to work out meals by creating them myself, and for about $6-7.00 a day, I can have pretty good eatings, which are quite filling and a lot better for me than the food in the restaurants!

My Surley Fat Bike
My Surley Fat Bike

Now, the next thing I need to get back into the habit of doing is to ride my bicycle more, run errands on it, and do many of the things I do in my truck while on my bicycle. I used to do that, but alas, fell out of the mainstream, but I hope to get myself working on riding more. I have a trailer that attaches to the bike, so I can even do the shopping on the bike, so actually I have no reason not to be out there enjoying the fresh air and getting back in shape.

Hope everyone has a great day, and hope that the world keeps turning as per the plan!