The McCord Christmas Pageant – December 15, 2015

This is some videos I shot from the Pre-K and Kindergarten Christmas Pageant at McCord School on December 15th 2015. Some people asked if I had more than just one, so I just thought I would post it to share for anyone who would like to see it. This first video is of the Younger members of the chorus, and they were quite the hoot. I hope you enjoy.

The First Three Songs for the Night by the Pre-Kindergartner’s

Here Come the Kindergartner’s

Second Song from the Kindergartner’s

Third Song By the Kindergartner’s

The Final Song by the Kindergartner’s

And This Is The Finale From the Whole Group!

Feel free to bookmark the sight, share the videos, they are all on YouTube in Public Domain, and you should be able to access them from there if you wish!

Merry Christmas from my wife and myself, and may God Bless!




I Can’t Keep Up For Nothing

“Life is like a box of chocolates… you never know what you are going to get!” Forest Gump (Tom Hanks)

And that is a very true statement. I have tried to keep up with the Blog, but unfortunately, I do not do a very good job. I try, but it just doesn’t happen. But I am here today, been through a lot of trials and tribulations, and survived, so that is always a good thing (I suppose). Maybe things will get better, maybe I will get back with the program, maybe the moon will turn blue… all are possibilities, but who knows.


It is the season to be Happy! (or Jolly, your choice) But it also seems that this old world is going through a whole lot of growing pains too, and unfortunately, people just don’t seem to be very happy. Have you noticed that? Or is it just my view on life? Mass killings, robberies, vandalism, just about everything. And we have moved towards trying to be more politically correct than anyone could ever be. Sheesh… I grow weary of all the turmoil I read and hear about these days.

I will have to say though, I have read a few posts on FaceBook about people thanking others for ‘Paying It Forward‘, so not everyone is being rude or angry, but those posts are few and far between. I don’t need anyone to pay it forward for me, although it is a very good and decent thing for others to do, but I do okay in this life, and try to help others. However, I prefer to live in the shadows, not let people know it was me who did something for another, and just make it so that the other peoples life is a bit easier for that day. I think a lot of people probably do that, but it isn’t mentioned. What we read in the news is all sensationalism, it gets the media ‘browny points’, so they like to be sure that the people will return to the media source to see and hear about all the bad things that happen. What ever happened to the ‘Society Page‘ where you could hear about the good things happening in town or area? It seems to be long gone. Perhaps to make room for more stories that contain sensationalism… Who knows?


Around here we have these strange looking things called ‘Traffic Signals’, which about a year or maybe more the city put in ‘flashing’ yellow arrows so that you could turn if the ‘coast is clear’ of oncoming vehicles. Nice concept, and it is nice, worthy of being in place, although it is unfortunate that people do not quite understand the concept. In the city here, we have had quite a few accidents (crashes) due to people not quite understanding that they need to be certain that the ‘coast is clear’ before trying to make a left turn. And it also makes people think that once the main thoroughfare lights turn red, then they can see if they can make it across the road before the waiting cars take off from heir starting lines…. needless to say, it is problematic. People are just in such a hurry, have no concept of their own safety, or… wait for it… they just don’t care. Some things I will just never understand about people.

Well, enough for now. I may be able to keep going on the blog, I will just have to see. I have too many of these blogs, that is clear, and need to see about working on another one or two. That is another problem in this world… excess…. and yes, I am guilty as charged.

Take care and have some Happy Holidays!