A Little Bit Of Something Different

A Trailer Here In Ponca City

My wife and I have been looking for an RV, actually a bumper pull trailer. However, we have found that all of the dealers in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa are pretty much scam artists. A lot of ‘bait and switch’ tactics going on there, or that is how we feel about what has been happening. Seems to us that the salesmen don’t listen to what we are looking for and then try to sell us something that we are not looking for, and I have to wonder how many other people go through the same thing.

First off, we see a trailer that we are interested in on the Internet, then call, the salesman tells us that it is available, so we drive to the city, and when we get there the salesmen want to show us new trailers, for about $6000 more than we are willing to fork out. When we question them about the one we originally drove to their place to see, then they tell us that the units in question has been sold. It is really a bad experience for us, and very frustrating, needless to say.

Yesterday was no different, for we had called about a unit we were interested in seeing and probably would have bought, drove to Tulsa, the guy showed us a new unit that was actually built quite cheaply, and was also about $4000 more than the unit we drove down to see, so I asked about the one we drove down to see, and he said “Well, I am looking for that one.”He then showed us another one that was about $8000 more than we wanted to spend, it was okay, but not great, and as I asked about the one we drove there to see, he then dropped the price $2000, telling me that there just isn’t any real profit to be made in RV’s.

Lunch Time!
Lunch Time!

Michelle and I were hungry, so we left and got something to eat, then went back to the dealership and asked about the one we had driven to Tulsa to see. The salesman went in, then came out and told us that it had been sold. So I told him that I wasn’t interested in the one that he he tried to sell to me last, and surprisingly enough he had dropped the price down another $3000. I could only shake my head. The guy asked me about the way I was going to pay, and I told him hat it was a cash sale, but he tried to get me to take out a loan, and got upset when I told him that the only rate I would give was if the loan was at 1%. After all, the banks only offer 1/4% on money I have in the account, and I will be damned if I should pay more than 3/4% to use their money! Then as the conversation continued with me getting frustrated and angry, telling him that I thought we would just drive back home to think about the $12000 trailer available here in Ponca City, he asked me if I would give $12000 for the one that he had showed to us for $23000! I was angry, probably wouldn’t have bought it, but told him ‘Yes’. He went in, then came back and wanted to show us a unit that was for sale at $13999. I only laughed and left.

Our two little girls
Our two little girls

Quite the experience with the salesmen at these places, and so very frustrating. Needless to say, Michelle and I returned back to Ponca City, took the long way home down US64, and enjoyed the scenery. Pandora, our little Yorkie mix, she loved the long trip and had her head out the window for a long, long time, with me driving at 40 MPH to let her enjoy the time on the road. Our little Havanese, Lillith, she didn’t fair too well on the road, and we need to find her some doggy Dramamine, for she got sick a couple of times. Bless her little heart. Both of our pets love to go with us, so I do hope that they get over their car sickness. Little Lillith just can’t quite fathom the ‘bouncy box’, but we will keep taking her and get something to help her out, for both the pets are wonderful to have out on the road with us when we take trips.

Our Red 2012 Dodge Ram Sport Pickup

Well, that was our day, hope everyone is enjoying the first vestiges of Spring, and hope you have a great Ostara and Easter!