The World That Has Gone Crazy

I am sure that most all of you readers are on social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or whatever. I enjoy it, for the most part, although I really do not enjoy the spam of sexually explicit posts, but I suppose that one has to take the bad with the good. I have turned in a couple of posters this week for sending sexually explicit posts to groups that I belong to, which you may find odd, but I figure if I don’t want a child to be exposed to that sort of thing, and I try to keep my pages clean enough for our two grandchildren to read, then there should not be that type of thing out in the social media. But the social media is getting so very strange these days, driven into a frenzy that is getting more and more irrational with each passing day. Long gone are the days where it was fun.

What Entitlements You Are Entitled To in The World!

The most disappointing thing I read on the social media sites these days is about who is racist, who is creating micro aggressions, and who is entitled to what. Well people, above is a list of things that you are entitled to in this world, regardless of who you are or where you live, regardless of your race or ethnicity, regardless of sex. Yes, the whole list all on one page of paper! If you are not willing to work for the things in your life, then you should not be entitled to anything, nothing, zip, ZERO! You have no idea how much the taxpayers give to other people so that they can feel as though they are a part of the world. Not only does the taxpayers give out food, housing and money, but also things like cell phones! Cell phones? Yes, cell phones! Why? I can see setting up recipients on welfare with a telephone, but a cell phone? There are many other things that we give as well, but as I type, it angers me so very much! One thing that the our Human Services ought to give out is Birth Control, for I have read, seen YouTube videos and websites that tell of people who just keep having kids so they don’t have to get off Social Services. I can only shake my head in disbelief….

My Tax Dependents
My Tax Dependents

I am still trying to figure out why our government has decided that Illegal Aliens should have benefits? As I understand it, they even are eligible for Social Security. Am I the only one that does not understand this rational? Surely not. If they are not citizens of the USA, and not trying to become citizens of the USA, then why are they being treated like they are citizens of the USA? I don’t know if the above statement is correct, 12 million Illegal Aliens, all getting benefits, of what, maybe $5000 a year? Which I suppose is high, for that comes out to be $60 Billion dollars a year! That is just for the illegal aliens! If the 42 million Unemployable number is correct, well that is another $2.1 trillion paid out in taxpayers money! That is simply absurd! What happened to giving the people seeds and telling them that they need to learn to grow their food in a garden? Learn to can food? Learn to work? I know if I didn’t have a job, I would definitely be able to go out and find some kind of employment. But yes, then you will say, ‘But they have children”. Well, some of those people can work watching other people’s children now can’t they? That would be a job, a helpful job, one which they can also be fired from if they prove to be unworthy to babysit single mothers and fathers who are out working. I can only shake my head at where this old world is heading.


If a lot of these people were working, doing gainful employment, then they would probably be too tired to actually be angry and complaining about their entitlements that they were not getting. I think that a lot of the people who are so angry out there, complaining about other people having things that the complainers don’t have, are just able to sit around and think too long about those things. I know that the last sentence does not make a whole lot of sense, but I tried to write it a few times differently, but it just needs to be put the way it reads. Hate has always caused so many problems. It has caused me problems as well, not only in my childhood, but as I grew older in life as well. But as I have aged I have been a bit more able to forgive and forget than I was able to do so when I was younger. It really is a good feeling too, for I have become a whole lot more understanding and able to get along with so many other people these days than I did when I was younger. However, I still don’t like people, but that is myself, and my hermit ways, and perhaps someday I will get into my box out by the lake shore and live out my final years of life.

Tough Week

Well, enough of my rant for this day. Perhaps I will get to writing on this blog more, perhaps not. The important thing is that I do enjoy writing on it, and maybe I will keep it up, with more positive things to write about in the future.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Remember that Friday is Friday the 13th, and also the Full Moon, so I suppose the sirens will be sounding all night long!