Enjoying Fat Bike Riding

I haven’t bothered to keep up with my site much these days, and that is a very sad thing, for I would like to train myself to actually keep up with the site and put new items on it, but apparently that is just not my forte. However, perhaps things will change, I doubt it, but perhaps things will change.

Wife’s New Truck

Michelle is now able to drive again, and although I do not ride very well, I am going to try to let her drive more. So, since she wanted to drive, and wanted her own car, I let her pick out a vehicle that she wished to drive. This is the one she chose, and I will have to say that she chose a very nice vehicle, although it about has too many bells and whistles for my old mind to figure out, but that is okay, the important part is that Michelle has a nice dependable vehicle to drive. And the best part is that it is a truck (in a sense) and therefore I can put my bike in the back when we travel in it! YAY!

Speaking of bikes, I bought a new bike for myself. It is a Surly Ice Cream Truck and I really love riding it. It is much more bike than the Surly Pugsly that I have, although I still will ride and use the Pugsly from time to time, but I plan on riding the Ice Cream Truck a whole lot more.

2014 Surly Pugsly
Surly Ice Cream Truck

As you can see, there is not actually a lot of difference between he two bikes, that you can see by photograph anyway, but there is a great deal of differences. The Ice Cream Truck has bigger tires, and hydraulic brakes, and a better geometry, but the Pugsly has mechanical brakes and a pretty good geometry too. The biggest difference between the two, for me anyway, is that the Ice Cream Truck has a bunch of bags on it now, and large racks, and it can haul about anything. The Pugsly I plan to keep pretty light, with fold down panniers on back, and although it has racks on it, I plan to keep it a bit lighter. I want to ride them both all summer, and have been researching various articles about using them for commuting, and I believe I will try to ride the bikes to and from work most of the time. Round trip to and from work is anywhere from 8.5 miles to 10.5 miles, depending on the route, so it is not like I have that far to ride.

My X90 Catrike

I still will ride my trike some, but currently I am really enjoying the Fat Tire bikes more and more each and every day. I am not a speed demon and never really in that big of a hurry, so the Fat Tire Bike trips are a lot of enjoyment for me, plus I find a lot of things in the street and stop to pick the items up. Why? Who knows, but it is something I enjoy doing.

Various items found on a bike ride

I do have a couple of trailers that I can attach to the bikes or trikes, and while I am still working on how to safely connect them up (the Fat Tire Bikes have a much wider rear hub spacing), I am sure it will all work out. The Ice Cream Truck has solid through hub axles, so I will have to figure out how to attach the hitch, but there are sites out there in the World Wide Internet that supply parts that I seek, if I have enough money, so I will figure out what I need and have it all set up before too long. Then the two girls may go with me!

Pandora and Lillith

And of course, I hope to go out riding with my wonderful wife too! She has a few bikes and a trike as well, and while she is not a real strong bicycler, she is gaining and with any luck, this Summer she will be out on the road more and more!

Enough for now, keep on enjoying the Spring, and perhaps, maybe, just maybe, (even though most of you don’t care), I will see about posting on my paps a little more often!


Author: Paul Reeves

Bicycler, general flunky, jack of all trades, yet master of none.