The Year Is Passing



We are now a week into the actual Summer, with Summer starting at the Solstice on June 21, and the season is beginning to get hotter. Here in Oklahoma (and Texas) we have had our fair share of flooding, but that has ended the concerns over the water tables in the aquifer becoming depleted, so that means we are back into having water. Unlike the poor folks in California, and also Las Vegas, who are having a terrible time with having enough water. If you haven’t read, Lake Mead has reached it’s lowest level since Hoover Dam was built, and it looks like there will be water rationing in that part of the US of A as well. I wish we could do something for them, divert all the water that is going down our rivers, perhaps funnel some lake water their way, but alas, due to the way the country is laid out, they would never see it, so we just have to let the water around here head off to the mighty Mississippi River. But 10 years ago, Lake Mead had a level of 1140 feet of water, now it is currently just below the 1075 foot level. It will no doubt take a while for the level to gain 65 feet. If I remember, the local lake, Kaw Lake, has a depth of 80 feet in it’s deepest point, so that means it would be totally empty!


Water is such an important resource for living, and without it, we would not exist. Many wars throughout the ages were actually fought over water, both for drinking (and living) and also for access to the seas for commerce. I was taught, you can live “3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, and three weeks without food.” If you have no water, then you will have no food, that is how it works. Not only would gardens dry up and fail, but it takes a lot of water to produce just one pound of beef. The Internet claims it takes 16 gallons of water for each pound of beef. However, I do not know if that is just the water the livestock drink, or if it also includes the water used to clean the meat and equipment, but still, a cow is a big animal, and I can see where they would definitely drink a whole lot more water than a human being would.

The media, newspapers, magazines, even Internet sources, show Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, all those Middle Eastern countries as being all rocks and desert. I have to wonder (since I have never been there) if it really is just variable land, without trees and grass like we have over most of the US of A? I know there was a person who worked where I work who left the company they worked for, went to Kuwait and Iraq, so he could run a desalination plant. I wonder if it would be possible for the West Coast to put in something like that? I mean, I have not researched it out, but I would think if the need was there, then perhaps the technology would soar and make desalination of sea water even easier and cheaper. Might be one of those things to look into, one never knows, and might be something to think about investing my retirement money into for the future.


But face it, science has became better and better over the ages. At one time, there were four (and yes, the aether is missing), and now there are 118 listed in today’s Periodical Table. Surely, with that much more knowledge, it would be simpler to desalinate water than it was in the 1500’s, where they would just boil the water and catch the water vapor, condense it out, and then the solids (salt) would stay in the pan. Of course, I am no scientist, and know that if a true scientist gets involved, due to patent restrictions, liabilities, fear of having the discovery stolen, then the whole thing will become so convoluted, no one would be able to make heads or tails out of it, and it would cost Billions upon Billions of dollars. Ah, the wonders of Capitalism…..


But then too, come September, September 24th according to the Conspiracy Theories, a huge asteroid is ‘supposed’ to crash into the Atlantic Ocean, creating tsunamis 200 feet tall, wiping out the East Coast of the US of A, so there may not be much more to worry about. All of the Californians can move back east, restart that area, have plenty of water, and everything will be just Hunky-Dory.

Of course, there are a number of things the conspiracy theory guys say, like:

  • September 15 – Recognition of Palestine by the UN
  • September 15 – Operation Jade Helm ends (US Military Training Along Borders)
  • September 22 – World Economic Collapse (through September 28)
  • September 23 – Isaac Newton’s Prophecy (whatever that may be)
  • September 23 – Day of Atonement
  • September 24 – Astroid to Hit Atlantic Ocean
  • September 25 – A 2 1/2 Mile Wide Comet to Pass Near the Earth
  • September 25 – Agenda 21 on Steroids (Illuminati thing)
  • September 28 – Last of the Four Blood Moons

So, you see, September will be a very busy month!

Personally, I don’t hold much hope for the Conspiracy Theorists, but I do enjoy hearing and reading about their concerns, and doom saying, although I have yet to pack my ‘to-go’ pack so I can leave the area and hide out in the woods with all the survivalists, I still sort of watch the signs of the times just to be sure. But every year it seems that someone, somewhere is saying that we are ‘DOOMED’ and that the whole world will end, so take all of it, as I do, with a grain of salt.


Like I said, I seriously doubt that any of the above dates have any scientific backing. Sort of like all of the earthquakes we have had here in Oklahoma. I have read so many things, from oil well fracking, salt water injection wells, tectonic plate shifting, magnetic pole swapping, the magma beneath Yellowstone to the aquifer below this area being sucked dry. What do I believe? I think we have just gotten so technologically advanced that we put enough seismographs around the state and country, that now we get to see all of the earthquakes that we had all along and never felt. I know we have had a few that were felt ever since I was a kid, and will have to say that perhaps with people being more aware, they are more sensitized to the earthquakes now, and instead of just thinking it was a truck passing down the road, they are now being able to see on the Internet that it was an earthquake. But as I said, that is only my view, nothing more, take it and $1.59 to McDonalds and you can get yourself a cup of coffee.


You can see how worried I am about all of the happenings these days… so I hope everyone has a great week, today is MONDAY after all, and hope all things go your way!


Author: Paul Reeves

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